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Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by Bossmode, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Bossmode

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    Sup guys,

    Chronic femdom/findom addiction here

    I've stopped by because I know I need to do more to change

    First thing is admitting I have a serious problem

    Second is seeking help outside of myself because that independence hasn't worked so far!

    My biggest issues is the way PMO makes me feel, anxiety, depression, apathy, scattered thinking, poor libido and due to the niche I have been operating in I have been spending loads of money too

    Anyway just wanted to kick start my journal and take this seriously now

  2. Naruto558

    Naruto558 Member

    your first oroblem is that you make this into a huge problem brother. All you gotta do is abstain from mastrbation and your brian will rewire itself completley. You just gotta belieive you can do it. The problem with the fetish you possess is that it makes you feel like that your not in control and it ruins your self belief. Keep yourself focus on other things in your life instead. What you focus on grows my friend. What your trying to do is fix the problem by yourself when all u need to do is complete the 90 days or however many it takes and the process will take care of itself. Never tell urself that have a problem that needs to be fixed your a completly normal male that just needs to go through a rewiring process. Oh and sorry for the spelling and grammar errors way to lazy.

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