Borderline pornographic internet ads, how to block them?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by LycurgusTheLawgiver, Nov 22, 2020.

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    Hello guys,

    I hope you’re all doing well, and your reboots are going strong. I haven’t been on the forums for a while but I thought I’d pop on to raise this issue, and to inquire whether anyone might know a way of eliminating these ads.

    It’s funny I never noticed these ads before until very recently (last few months) so maybe they’re a relatively new thing on the internet. To cut to the chase, I’ve been using Ebay and Amazon, and these banner ads pop up on the side of the page, advertising women’s clothing (don’t ask me why I’m targeted for women’s clothing?! I’ve never bought a single item, even as a gift?!). The thing about ads of this kind, is it seems like they’re becoming increasingly salacious and explicit by the day (I’m going to briefly describe one of these ads now, and whilst I’m not about to describe porn, sex, or nudity, and it’s probably not likely to trigger anybody, if anybody is extremely easily triggered, you have the chance now to skip to the next paragraph) You’ve literally got pictures popping up that run the length of your screen, of beautiful girls in tight brightly coloured yoga pants standing with their butt towards you, or in other sexy poses, and wearing nothing but a sports bra on top so that you can see their bare backs, they’re looking over their shoulders at you with the naughtiest of smirks on their faces, honestly all that’s missing is some dude and these ads could literally be the ad for some trendy new porn scene.

    Now actually as it happens, it’s not that I worry that these ads are not going to lead me directly to relapse, I think I can deal with them; but I am a little worried, having read all that I have on sites like YourBrainOnPorn, that seeing these kinds of images is going to flare up my porn addiction pathway in some subtle non-noticeable way and therefore prolong the period of time it takes for my brain to fully recover from porn, or even prevent it from fully recovering. So I wanted to ask you guys, if anyone knows a way of blocking just these ads which pop up on the sides of websites, without actually blocking the websites themselves, or if this is not possible. I use an iPad Pro if that’s helpful.

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    Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!

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