Borderline Personality Disorder

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Have you been diagnosed with the disorder or do you think you suffer from it?

  1. I have been diagnosed

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  2. I haven't been diagnosed but think I am a Borderline

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  3. I don't fit the criterea

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  1. Zooloo

    Zooloo New Member

    Since many of this forum's members (especially the younger ones) suffer from the kind of neuroses associated with Borderline Personality Disorder, I was curious to see if anyone here has actually been officially diagnosed or if any of you identify with the diagnosis. According to the DSM a Disorder is a personality trait that has a deleterious effect on one's life, health, standard of living, etc. Of course you can be considered to have a Borderline personality but not fit the criteria for the disorder if you can still function relatively well in society. The hallmarks of the Disorder are, among other things heightened sensitivity to others behaviour towards you, propensity to develop addictions, poor impulse control, the inability to experience empathy. Check out the Wikipedia article for a more detailed explanation.
  2. notfeelingit

    notfeelingit Member

    I thought I had a personality disorder. Then I realised it was PMO addiction that was causing the symptoms.
  3. ls558

    ls558 Member

    Disorders are just labels that describe symptoms of deeper problems.
  4. Zooloo

    Zooloo New Member

    I agree 99%, but what is the deeper problem in the case of most people? Is PMO the cause or the effect?
  5. ls558

    ls558 Member

    Low self esteem. Inability to meet society's strict demands. Inability to live within an unnatural social construct. Suppression of instinctual tendencies.

    And a layer deeper than that...

    Trauma can take many forms, and keep in mind that the brain is an organ that is capable of being harmed by external forces like any other organ. Traumatic experiences record themselves deeper into a person's psyche the earlier they happen in life. As a child it's very easy to become traumatized, even by something we may consider trivial. I'm sure everyone can look back to childhood, and remember a traumatic event that is trivial.

    The problem is that we "tense up" when we experience trauma, and sometimes forget to relax. Sometimes we can hold tension for years without realizing the root cause, and it can manifest emotionally or physically. Sometimes it can manifest as an addiction, because that helps soothe the tension we're holding onto.
  6. Striveforpurity

    Striveforpurity All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    There is no such thing as "Borderline Personality Disorder" it's a completely made up work of fiction. The DSM is Big Pharma’s psychiatric bible. Only fools allow themselves to be diagnosed for made up diseases. Once you allow them to diagnose you and/or accept medication you become part of the psychiatric system which gives them consent to do what ever they want with you.
  7. Panonymos

    Panonymos Humility is a virtue

    Sure guys, labels are just labels. But how is science going to describe a condition without using terms? Indeed, a non-common behavior is only a problem and should only be treated when it impairs the ability to function in life. So, if you have a label but have no problems in life and society, it is just a label. But when you are suffering, then it seems to me useful to get the correct diagnosis and suitable treatment. And yes, some times medication can considerably improve the quality of life of a person.
  8. Striveforpurity

    Striveforpurity All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Science is not used in establishing any of the made up labels in the DSM.
    2. Nearly all pharmaceutical medications only treat symptoms.
    3. SSRI Drugs are very dangerous.
  9. notfeelingit

    notfeelingit Member

    What is your evidence for this?
  10. Panonymos

    Panonymos Humility is a virtue


    1. Science is not used in establishing any of the made up labels in the DSM. - Wrong. Who is making the labels then?
    2. Nearly all pharmaceutical medications only treat symptoms. - Correct. Because lobotomy is not an option.
    3. SSRI Drugs are very dangerous. - I am against medication, but when meds are used, the patients are monitored by doctors.

    By the way Striveforpurity, what is your suggestion? To let the people suffer and do nothing?
  11. My girlfriend had it, and yes it is a real thing and you sir do not have it. Most of the guys here are right in saying that most of us here are just addicts. BPD, B-polar, etc are totally diferent animals, and the self-awareness you have would never be shown by them. I once thought I had asspbergers but in reality it was just the fact that I had never really developed socially because of porn.
  12. raunchy

    raunchy New Member

    that is not right that people with bi polar and borderline are different 'animals' there is a spectrum. i am diagnosed with borderline and had issues with drug use as well. this might have cause me to be less self aware in the past and the same applied to people with borderline and bipolar. most have issues with drugs or being impulsive and escapism as a coping mechanism for feeling empty. cognitive therapy along with mindfulness really helps. i have being going for therapy for the past 8 weeks and have become increasingly more self aware of my actions, more so than an average person who does not have the disorder. i have been on SSRI's THEY ARE POISOn they make you feel more apathetic and empty. the thing is borderlines do not need medications, we just need therapy and to change the way we think. but most of us have other issues as well, like major depression or drug addictions. it is not a made up disorder for sure. you can say that borderlines hate being in their skin, have issues with self esteem and are like wounded people. the disorder is difficult to treat because it is accompanied by other issues which mask the problem. i have been on antipsychotics (they make you miserable) SSRIS, SNRIS and now tri cyclics. the meds will do fuck all unless you genuinely have issues with drugs which have resulted in a biochemical imbalance or you have a genetic predisposition which leaves you vulnerable to depression or mania. most doctors think they can throw pills at you. meds only help in the most severe cases like mine, otherwise they are just tic tacs that make you numb.
  13. ls558

    ls558 Member

    Every mass shooter in recent history has been on them. They also make people MORE likely to kill themselves.

    You know, back in the early 1900s, they used to crush up mummies, and feed that to people to cure things. Snake oil. SSRIs and anti-psychotic drugs are the snake oil of the modern age. Stop putting so much faith in the psychiatric system. Scientology is fucking crazy, but they got one thing right... psychiatrists are full of shit and very dangerous.

    Edit: I also want to add that there is actually no proof that depressed people are lacking serotonin. There is no way to test brain serotonin levels. This entire industry relies on theories that can never be proven. Even if this were to be proven somehow, it doesn't determine cause vs. effect. Is a "Brain chemistry imbalance" causing the depression, or is it caused by the depression?
  14. Zooloo

    Zooloo New Member

    Porn addiction is even more of a made up disorder than the ones in the DSM. After all it has a far shorter history than any of them, far fewer academics have studied it, far fewer researchers have conducted tests in the lab. That is why it's being met with so much resistance. The same could be and has been said of Borderline Disorder, except that it has been studied for several decades under the current umbrella term. What's the number one symptom of Porn addiction? At least the most obvious one is Erectile Dysfunction, but even a symptom as apparently clear-cut as that is more problematic: many of the users here don't exactly report ED but rather the inability to retain an erection for long, or have as hard an erection as they would wish, or not staying hard with a parter they don't consider very beautiful. So even ED is open to interpretation. In other words if you want to reduce Personality Disorders to "works of fiction" then you might as well leave this forum because there's no way you could possibly take porn addiction seriously.

    I might also point out that disorders like Borderline Personality Disorder are found in other diagnostic manuals like the ICD (international classification used by the World Health Organisation) albeit under a different name, but the experts agree they are dealing with the same underlying problems. The medical-industrial complex may exist in the US but in my experience that's not the case elsewhere.
  15. notfeelingit

    notfeelingit Member

    Sorry, but you must have misread my post. I asked for evidence not some Alex Jones style rant.
  16. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    I'd like to comment on SSRI's, as someone who's been on them and knows family member's that have been on them for years, and as someone who's done a shit ton of research.

    This type of drug did not work for me, however, my Dad's been on them for years and they work great from him. He doesn't want to shoot anyone. The only bad thing that I can say about SSRI's is that you can't just come right off of them, you have to taper for a long time or they will seriously mess you up for a while.

    My depression is taken away with a different class of medication that works on dopamine. Imagine that?! A porn addict to reacts positively to a dopamine drug! I hope to try to come off this drug after 1 - 2 years completely clean of all porn when my D2 receptors are fully back online.

    Now, why do these mass shooters all seem to have been on SSRI's? Isn't that enough to say that SSRI's causes these effects on everyone? Obviously not.

    Here's what's happening, there is a slight chance that some people have a reaction to an SSRI in which it absolutely wipes out their dopamine function completely. This is what happens to those shooters and why anyone on an SSRI should always talk to their doctor about how they feel, the medicine has different effects on different people.

    The people that are affected in this way can also become suicidal.

    In fact, we all can relate to these folks as we've had our dopamine's called porn addiction withdrawal. Can you imagine going through the worst withdrawal symptoms for weeks and weeks with no end? You'd either get extremely depressed and suicidal or extremely anxious and paranoid and want to shoot someone too.
  17. ambush

    ambush New Member

    I would suggest against self diagnosis.
    Disorders such as ADHD, Borderline, Schizoid etc extremely attractive for people who are suffering in life. To label yourself as borderline or ADHD give you some relief. Things make sense to you. People have huge amount of guilt about their existence. They feel like their lives are not worth anything. These diagnoses gives a temporary relief from the guilt. You can say its not your fault.
    I have diagnosed myself over the years with ADHD, Borderline, Schizoid personality disorder, avoidant personality disorder etc. I would probably be diagnosed with any of these if i went to a psychiatrist. But truth is i only suffer from one condition "the human condition". Life is without distict form. There is no ideal life. There are not absolute morals. You are not going to be completely secure in your skin ever!
    That is the truth of life. Man is born without solid form in a world of paradoxes. There is no escape from it. Life is suffering. But thats not all bad. Once you learn to let go. Let go of the illusion of perfect form. The illusion that you can control life, things will get better.
  18. notfeelingit

    notfeelingit Member

    I don't need to imagine.

    But still. Where is the evidence for these claims that SSRIs turn people into psycopaths? I want actual real evidence.
  19. notfeelingit

    notfeelingit Member

    Which drug is this by the way?
  20. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Yes, withdrawals are a bitch, I'm sympathetic, I've been through the wost of them myself.

    I don't have a link to the article I read handy, but I do remember it being reputable. Sometimes SSRI's can totally mess with certain people's dopamine, do some research.

    I take generic Wellbutrin, which acts on dopamine and norepinephrine. It is used by millions of people to quit smoking, and for seasonal affective disorder and depression.

    Some people, especially those with anxiety issues may get more anxiety, and it caused PE in myself. I counter the PE with small dose SSRI on an as needed basis.

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