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  1. vetred

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    So, i have been meaning to read a couple of books. Self improvement, confidence and how to interact with woman books. But i have rarely any knowledge of these books. I know some of you guys read books on these things. So my question is, which book really helped you and which ones are the best? Thnx in advance!
  2. challengininnerself

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    The one i suggest --

    The road less travelled by M. Scott Peck ... it has a lot about discipline and gratification .. this will help you in your rebooting process
  3. TheBorb

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    Just read The Dice Man. You don't need self-help books, *especially* ones geared around attracting women. If a guy's got time to write a book on it, he's clearly not getting any action. You have to tailor-make your own life, learn from your own successes and mistakes.
  4. Ansem

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    I've already made a book thread last summer, it's not very active unfortunately.;topicseen
  5. TheAlternative

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    48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction. Both are excellent reads and are by the same author - and they apply to social interaction as well as getting women.
  6. mickeytee

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    Brain food: "Sex, Ecology, Spirituality" by Ken Wilber, "Denial of Death" by Ernest Becker

    Seduction: "Models" by Mark Manson, "Complete game revision system" by 60 years of challenge.
  7. ntg

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    Meeting & attracting women:
    -The Manual by W. Anton
    -Models by Mark Manson
    -The Natural by Richard LaRuina/Gambler

    General self improvement:
    -Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins
    -Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
    -Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

    I also think NLP books are really helpful in dealing with feelings, so:
    -Introducing NLP by John Seymour
    -Getting the Life You Want by Richard Bandler

    Should be a good start for you.
  8. vetred

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    Thanks for the responses! I'll decide what book to buy first in the near future.
  9. ciezkomi80

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    Remember that you need to practice. Academical knowledge is great to have, but after that you will need to see how does it work in real life. For example, I had a friend. The guy was totally shy in al aspects of his being. He was doing tones and tones of those self improvment, coach trainings and meetings. After few years, he decided he will start organizing his own trainings. The main topic was: "how to hook up with a girl". I asked him: "NAME - it's a very good idea, but have you ever stopped on a street and asked a girl about anything? I'm not meaning date or something like that. Just stuff like what time it is, or how do you do?" He answered: "no, I have never gone that far".

    And that was pretty much it. So, if I may advice anything: practice. It really helps and you'll see with all the knowledge you grabed, you'll interact with other people much easier.

    Good luck!
  10. Wabi-sabi

    Wabi-sabi Imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete

    Battles Men Face by Gregory L Janz.

    It looks at a whole range of self-defeating behaviour men get caught up in, including porn, anger, gambling, food/alcohol issues, etc, and the underlying fears that drive you to seek solace in these areas.

    Helpful to me, because it shows porn as part of bigger issues - a longer trend in my life - and the importance of not replacing one addiction with another. And, as a serial relapser, that it's not enough to just to say 'no fapping' without looking at the underlying issues.
  11. Newnes

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    I've read quite a few books about self-improvement, with a spiritual perspective (no need to be buddhist to read them). I would advise:
    - Teachings about Love and , No Mud, No Lotus: The Art of Transforming Suffering of Thich Nhat Hanh
    - The Yoga Sutras by Patanjali (this one's is if you are into Yoga only... but it's very deep. If you're interested, find a commented version or it's going to be too "dry")
    - Pema Chodron and Matthieu Ricard also has some very good books; I've not read them, but they've been recommended to me

    These books/authors won't tell you what to do/what not to do, but they'll give you powerful tools that you can use through your whole life. They're quite easy to read, and very inspirational.
  12. Striveforpurity

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