Blood test and taking supplements - New Results !

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Complex, Jul 9, 2015.

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    Thanks jane. and nope john?. pretty sure they'd give me advice i already know. The only thing doctors could offer is pure dopamine but apparently its dangerous and only use it in emergencys.

    The problem is the brain numbness and my reward system was screwed pre boot so i know its gonna take a lot longer to heal. All i can do is keep a positive mindframe and carry on.

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    I started taking subliminal b12 again (even though I'm well above normal) and I'm feeling great the last two days. whether or not its from that i dont know.

    my d3 are well above normal doctor left a voice mail saying I'm in the hundred range. lol. so ill lay of the it for a while.

    Bit concerned about my T4. i did an iodine protocol and it definitely raised the levels.. dont want to be getting hyperthyroid.. hopefully it will decrease over time.

    Overall I'm happy though. I still feel i can increase my testosterone by getting my calcium levels and b12 up higher.

    I ordered a calcium and magnesium with boron. I wouldn't say my magnesium and zinc levels are great and if you are deficient in either 1 will take a toll on ur test levels.

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