Blood test and taking supplements - New Results !

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  1. Complex

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    Going to get blood tests done to rule out any external factor.

    Starting supplements to try balance out Neurotransmitters. i don't know whether its a good idea to take until reboot is fully done but i can't see the harm either.

    ill report back soon..
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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    Lol how do you supplement neurotransmitters? You mean you're doing crack or something?
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  3. Complex

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    Why don't you educate yourself before you look stupid again ;)
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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements


    Taking 5-htp was the best thing i ever done. Best i felt in 9 months. My brain felt low and numb all this time due to very low serotonin. Was probably the reason why the results took so long.

    I'm only gonna get better from here. I'm finally getting up early and not feeling tired!.

    I know other parts of my brain are out of whack but ill take it slow.

    - - - - - -

    Next step is to work on enhancing libido. Need to go give it an extra nudge.
  5. Striveforpurity

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

  6. YellowMinion

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    Here's a good place to start on supplements:

    Many of these are easy to get. I bought a lot of them from It takes up to 2 weeks to get stuff but the prices are great. I focused on the first two sections "Restore Sex Drive with Dopamine" and "Boost Sexual Arousal with Acetylcholine". It seems to have helped.

    I see no reason you can't start right away. One thing porn does is mess up androgen receptors too.
    See for starters.
    I took L-Carnatine while supporting testosterone production at the same time.
    See my posts
    Ultimately I never did settle which version of L-Carnatine was best to take as all of my research conflicts. So I end up taking all 3.
    ALCAR - Acetyl-L-Carnitine
    LCLT - L-Carnatine L-tartrate
    PLCAR - Propionyl-L-carnitine Hcl (Pipingrock's version is GPLC)
    +Creatine +DHEA +Vitamin D, a few hours before bed.
    Because all of your testosterone is produced while you're sleeping
    L-Carnatine clears out androgen receptors (and increases them) which sucks up all of your free testosterone. The first day or two after you take this stuff you'll have low libido, but it all comes back as your testosterone levels return.
    Anyway I did that for 2 days, then took almost nothing and within 5 days my libido was back with a vengeance.

    See if you can get your doctor to test your testosterone, estrogens (both), and DHEA levels. If testosterone is low, you can just take some DHEA (possibly also creatine) which will support natural testosterone production. Take an aromatase blocker to keep your body from converting too much of it to estrogen. If you want a real strong aromatase blocker, try anastrozole
    These peptides sites say this stuff is for research only but that's just because it's legality. It really is sold for human use.
    Tip: They have ED meds too, and they're pore and potent. It's way better to get these than overseas knock-off generics.

    So it depends what you want your doctor to test for. If you're just working on dopamine and acatlycholine, then I think it's fine. But many supplements affect hormone levels so I would steer clear until test results are in if you want a baseline.
  7. Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    I tried 5-htp for about a month and didn't see results. How long did it take before you saw results? Did you rule out placebo?
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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    Taking creatine is a real good way to lose your hair.
  9. Complex

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    Yellow minion

    thanks for your post man.

    i bought pycnogenol and l-arginine for libido. i hear l-arginine by itself is useless. i found a study

    so androgen receptors receive your hormones and testosterones?. kinda like the way your dopamine and serotinon work is it?

    l-arginine and l-carnitine are similar right ?

    i suppose it wouldn't harm taking l-carnitine also.

    i have vitex i heard it for estrogen and prolactin blockers.

    when taking this are you saying to supplement for 2 days and then wait a few days?.

    - - - - - - - - - - -


    did you have the symptoms of low serotonin?. I just knew something was wrong. Through drug use and porn i depleted them to an all time low. i could feel a part of my brain that was numb and empty. within the first 2 days i noticed that life wasn't so dull and dark anymore.

    I'm happier more energy. not as tired during the day. libido seems to be better too. if you have low serotonin you can be sure its gonna affect every part of your body.

    how do you feel ?. i felt the same for my reboot until i got his life saver. i read that if you are low take 5-htp for a week and then add rhodiola. or the other way around. take them together as if u take once it depletes the other.

    read my comment on this

    honestly i took rhodiola before and felt no differnce but maybe cus it was to early. I'm not feeling any diff now on it but ill give it another while.

    But I've been taking supplements throughout my reboot and a lot of them didn't work (CDP choline for instance).

    Give them another try with a dopamine supplement. Take one in morning evening and night.
  10. breath

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    Should we assume that you get at least 30 minutes of solid exercise per day?

    Please say yes....!

    I hope so, because that should always be a given - the only place to start - remember we are human animals and our ancestor ALL had to be exceedingly active just to survive - so their elite level of fitness was a built in normal. I have fallen on hard times financially but it has gotten me to be more active and guess what - I have more energy of all kinds than in over 10 years ago when i was only 40 :)
  11. Complex

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    Hey breath !

    I've been actively exercising for a while now and I'm loving it.
  12. YellowMinion

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    L-Arginine doesn't really increase libido, it supports erections. It supports nitric oxide which is the key component in keeping the penis hard. An erection is sort of a complex chain reaction which ends in producing nitric oxide continually to keep you erect.
    Read this, particularly the part about "waves" of nitric oxide.
    L-Citrulline is converted to L-Arginine and L-Orthinine in the kidneys.
    While supplementing L-Arginine and L-Orthinine raise these levels temporarily, supplementing L-Citrulline will help with a more sustained natural production of these amino acids, though I wonder if taking too much L-Citruline for too long can be hard on the kidneys? I've not read that but I'm always trying to play it safe.
    I actually hadn't heard/read about pycnogenol in conjunction with L-Arginine. I'm going to look into that. You seem to be on to something here.

    I've used a product called "ArginMax" which is mostly L-Arginine with ginseng and ginko biloba and it actually helps with erections.
    I've read that you shouldn't take L-Arginine for more than 6 weeks straight without break. I personally just take a full 6-tablet dose of ArginMax on days I want performance and that's about 6000mg of L-Argnine and it helps. Maybe I'll start taking it a day before too, but it doesn't really hurt (except for your wallet) take it daily for a while. Honestly it's probably cheaper to just buy L-Arginine and supplement your own ingredients like pycongenol, and take libido boosters as desired.
    So L-Arginine, as far as I know, is just going to aid the erection, and only when you're taking it as it doesn't stick around in your body for a long time.

    L-Carnatine is not the same as L-Arginine. L-Carnitine is a totally different amino acid and among other things, appears to have an affect on androgen receptors by increasing the density of them. I have no idea what that means but what is going to happen is all of your bio-available testosterone is going to get used up to bind to those receptors resulting in a temporary drop in free testosterone.

    So that's all a good thing. It should help with overall performance.
    The only reason I take or suggest taking Creatine is to replace and or support the testosterone. Normally athletes or bodybuilders take it with L-Carnatine to get testosterone to the muscles for development post-workout. But it also works on your sexual androgen receptors.

    I honestly don't know exactly how much affect this really has. I haven't seen a whole lot of change in my libido and in fact when I do this I actually see a temporary drop in labido which seems to come back strong in a few days. That being said, someone who is having 0 libido may in fact benefit from this.
    So what I'll do is:
    L-Carnatine (all 3 types, one tablet of each)
    A little (5g) Creatine
    Saw Palmetto to block 5-alpha-reductase so my testsoterone isn't converted to DHT
    8000 IU of Vitamin D - to inhibit armoatase so my testosterone isn't converted to estrogen. There are better aromatase inhibitors (drugs.)

    The theory is keep estrogen down, DHT down, testosterone up. Help the androgen receptors with L-Carnatine which will bind with testosterone.

    But you know what, don't bother with any of that.
    Just take acetyl-L-Carnatine as the "How to Naturally Enhance Libido Through Brain Chemistry" page explains . Don't mess with hormone stuff. Your body will naturally restore hormone balance and honestly you don't need to mess with it.
    (Also L-Arginine for erectile performance if you want to try that, etc.) Just kind of forget what I said about creatine, I suppose. Hormone supplementation is just a pandora's box messing with a delicate balance in the body.

    I want to add one thing.
    If you want something that will make you "horny" try Maca
    Maca does get me kind of horny and it works on women as well (if you can convince them to take it.)
    Supposedly Korean (specifically Korean) Ginseng does too.
    Also horny goat weed complex may help. It doesn't seem to do as well for me as straight maca, though.

    Ultimately I'm down to this:
    L-carnatine about once a month for a few days in conjunction with testosterone supporting supplements.
    Maca to get me horny.
    ArginMax (or just L-Arginine) to help with erections.
    Sometimes ED drugs for erections, but mainly just for fun and confidence. I've found great prices on liquid ED drugs. PM me if you want to know more.

    One more thing. If you're just looking for "stuff" to help you with libido, there's a huge thread here:
  13. YellowMinion

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    That's a good fair warning.
    It only does if your genetically predisposed to balding. Creatine increases testosterone and therefore increases DHT. DHT causes balding in men genetically predisposed to baldness. Using Creatine with an 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor will keep DHT levels down, though if you're going to do that you should also probably be taking an aromatase inhibitor too otherwise you could end up with higher estrogen levels (a common problem with DHT blocking supplements or drugs that men take to prevent balding.)
    Either way it's all messing with hormone levels which I don't recommend doing for any extended period of time without getting labs done by a doctor.
  14. YellowMinion

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    I found this one thing here that goes into detail about L-Carnatine.
    Specifically propionyl-L-carnitine (PLC) and acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC) (aka GPLC or PALCAR, and ALCAR respectively.)
    Appearently it's best to take both together.
    It really talks about ED mostly. Anyway, try it for a month straight and see how it goes. That's my advice.

    I've actually been taking one of each, all 3, only because I've read different things in difference places. But you can probably skip the LCLT as it seems redundant.
    1. propionyl-L-carnitine or "glycine propionyl-L-carnitine (GPLC))
    2. acetyl-L-carnitine
    3. "L-Carnataine L-Tartrate" (aka LCLT or just "L-Carnatine")
  15. Complex

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    I came back on this to say that i made huge progress in the last two days.

    All of a sudden at around 9 months my sensitivity completely went it was around the time i started taking all "ed supps etc" not blaming them it could of been a libido flatline.

    So while i kept strong i was scared because i was struggling to maintain a erection with touch.

    A few days ago i was drunk and i used a bit of fantasy and got rock hard and was very sensitive.

    Ever since i can keep an erection for much longer.

    How i did this?

    i had blood tests done and noticed i wasn't far off deficient in B-12. I was in the 200 range it should be up 500 plus.

    Anyway i looked up the symptoms "fatique and anxiety were common. I was both. My has improved but its still there and i know i can beat it completely.

    So i see all these people say online saying b12 cured there symptoms significantly.

    i order some b12. so i start soon.

    I recommend starting on a high dose. i read that some people get treated with b12 shots/ supplements and while they to optimal levels they still have symptoms. it because there not using a high dose.

    pick a brand that has it anywhere from 5000-10000iu and take FOLIC ACID with it because if u take b12 on its own it will deplete the other!

    So while i was looking around i stumbled upon Vitamin D3 also. And how this cheap available supplement is so important.

    If u stay in doors a lot live in a fairly cold climate you can bet you are good candidate for vitamin d deficiency.

    Even if you think you get enough get blood tested!.

    So while taking it a few days to a week i felt i got very sensitive like i said in the first paragrah.

    heres a study about vitamin d and erectile dysfunction:

    Make sure you take D3 not d2 or anything else. I recommend taking 10,000 iu for 3 months and then cut back two 4000iu and keep it at it. While its a lot u won't overdose.

    heres another guy that says his anxiety vanished after supplementing d3

    Moral of the story you can bet if nothing is working for you after 8-9 months get tested. id even get tested before so u can sort all your health while your rebooting.
  16. YellowMinion

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    Great update. I'm glad you've had positive progress!

    For B-12 I'm taking GNC Big 150. It may be overkill and not the most cost effective solution, but I buy it one of their frequent sales. Just mentioning it.
    I was also after the B-1 and folic acid as mentioned here:

    Vitamin D3 also has another good property in that it naturally inhibits the production of the aromatase enzyme. Aromatase is the enzyme that converts your testosterone to estrogen. I don't know exactly how effective it is at reducing estrogen (and maintaining higher testosterone) but it's going to have some effect. One thing I read is that this is one reason children grow faster in the summer (I don't know how true that its, because as you know anything you red on the internest must be factually true, right?) Anyway, I figure it can only help.

    One thing about D3 is that be careful to not overdose because it can have a negative effect Vitamin A in the liver. I read that 8000IU had no negative side effects and this recommends cycling 5 days on 2 days off.
    I personally take up to 6000-8000IU on some days and reduce to 2000IU on others (sometimes unintentionally skip a day) but I'm totally winging' it.
    I just get a giant bottle at Costco

    Thanks for the info!
  17. JerseyJay911

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    Hi, in your opinion, which is the best form of Carnitine for restoring androgen receptors?
  18. Complex

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    Re: Blood test and taking supplements

    Got more bloods done and here are some

    Testosterone - 577 ng/dl, Lower - 8.60 - Upper - 29.00nmol/L .. it was 20 nmol/L but converted it.

    Free T4 - 21pmol/L, Lower - 12.0 - Upper - 22.0

    TSH - 1.30mU/L, Lower - 0.27 - Upper - 4.20

    Calcium- 2.18 nmol/L, Lower - 2.20 - Upper 2.60 .. so I'm deficient

    B12 - 701ng/L, Lower - 206 - Upper - 1000

    Folate - 12.2 ug/L, Lower 4.5 - Upper - 20.0

    Ferritin - 112.8 ug/L, Lower 23.0 - Upper - 393.0

    - - -


    -I am very surprised with my testosterone, i thought they'd be a lot lower.

    -Calcium is low!. So that explains the white spots on nails :). but it was in range last time 2.38 it was.

    -Very happy with b12!. My last blood test showed a level of just 275 ng/L. I started supplementing in September and i stopped taking them this month. So in 5 months they have increased dramatically.

    -TSH seems in the lower range ?. it was 2.37 mU/L in july?

    - Ferritin also decreased it was 130 ng/ml

    Im waiting on Vitamin D3. If i got testosterone checked last time i can bet any money they be lower. Supplementing D3, B12, Zinc , iodine ,selenium deffo helped.

    Im still very tired in the mornings. I think the shit my brain went through in this reboot took its toll and still has a long way to go. I reckon fatigue could be somewhat from that. My brain changing back to normal is gonna be a energy draining process. Give me your input on the results . thanks
  19. JaneL

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    Congratulations. Taking a reasonable amount of such supplements will help. But the result will differ in individual.
  20. johnperkins

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    Have you tried showing yourself to a neurologist amd ask for a medicine that increases dopamine?

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