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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Martin, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Martin

    Martin ͯ͛̃̈̀̔ ͑ͨ̏͋ ̽̔̇̋ ̒̎͊̎̍

    I need Internet for my work, but I don't need Facebook. What software should I use to only allow certain websites let's say from 10-11 pm? It seems K9 cannot do this.
  2. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    If you're on a mac try SelfControl:
  3. Martin

    Martin ͯ͛̃̈̀̔ ͑ͨ̏͋ ̽̔̇̋ ̒̎͊̎̍

    Thanks, but I have Windows 7—still looking.
  4. itsallforher

    itsallforher New Member

    Haven't tested this yet, but looks like it may work:
  5. Martin

    Martin ͯ͛̃̈̀̔ ͑ͨ̏͋ ̽̔̇̋ ̒̎͊̎̍

    No, I've tried it before.
  6. itsallforher

    itsallforher New Member

    ? I just tested it. Works great.
  7. Cocoon

    Cocoon Guest

    I think it is a good program, I just wish there was a way to block all websites and not just some specific ones. Does someone have an idea how to do that?
  8. winniethepooh

    winniethepooh New Member

    I'm using version 0.7 and you can click on Custom Sites next to Popular Sites and then you can add your own choices or import links from a text file.

    I've just started using it since Monday, I'm on day 4 and so far pretty excited, cause it helps me a lot. I could never restrain myself without a blocking software, however I do have the minimum self-discipline required to not try and bypass it, so I'm optimistic that with this extra help I'm gonna solve the problem.

    It's the first time in years that I'm trying to limit my obsessive internet use and I see that it makes a ton of a difference. Highly suggested for sure, at least out of curiosity.
  9. winniethepooh

    winniethepooh New Member

    I have one more suggestion: the LeechBlock firefox addon

    Now that only works if you're using Firefox, but if you do then it's just great. It lets you define time periods and time counts (eg block access between 0080-1600 and/or after you spend more than 'x' minutes every 'y' minutes). It can also display a timer in the toolbar which shows how much time you have remaining if a webpage is in the block list and you're using a time count rule.

    Personally I'm only using Firefox anyway, and with those two pieces of software I'm covered 100%. I use ColdTurkey to set up some broad and HARD rules (websites that I REALLY don't have to check unless once in several days or so, for example some addictive/entertaining websites which are totally optional) and then I use LeechBlock to add fine-tuned blocks for sites that I do need, but in moderation: eg I added one rule for Facebook cause I need it daily to check my messages but I want it to block within certain periods of time or minutes of browsing.

    I'm really excited with those two programs, I have everything I need. Now it only takes some self-discipline and not trying bypass them, but so far it seems that I have it. Guys, try them out!
  10. tsmith1302

    tsmith1302 Active Member

    Cold Turkey can do that, you'll just have to go in and re-block it every day for that hour.
  11. catherinewood13

    catherinewood13 New Member

    One of the most useful website filtering software is LAN Spy Monitor, I have been using it for a quite long time.
  12. TheNewBorn

    TheNewBorn Guest

    I've only heard of selfvault, for windows.. Seem to be able to do what you ask..
  13. totallyyours

    totallyyours Loyalty, honor, and a willing heart

    Chrome apps: Nanny, StayFocused, Temporary Site Blocker, Website Blocker

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