Bipolar and taking dopamine agonist

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    I have had severe bipolar disorder all my life and this is associated with hypersexuality. I also have to take a dopamine agonist for a health issue and this is associated with sexual addiction, gambling, spending money and other impulse control disorders. There is also bip0lar and addiction in my family.

    The dopamine agonist led me to seek out porn and this escalated to fetish and gay porn and to seeing both female and male escorts.

    I have become addicted to porn as well as to sex in general. So I joined this site, got an accountability partner and have started seeing a sex therapist who has treated people with bipolar as well as dopamine agonists.

    I feel shame and guilt, but need to think not of the past but of what I should do now that will bring my life back to a sensible order. I have started rebooting, no P, M or O for 30 or 60 days to let my brain recover.

    I am not excusing myself by pointing to the bipolar and dopamine agonist. It is up to me to beat the problem.

    I need to lo0k out for minor trigger or cues and immediately take action to distract myself. A minor cue can quickly escalate into a long period of trouble. So I need to take control.

    I would be interested if there are others who are bipolar or are having to take a dopamine agonist. It would help to know that I am not alone.
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    Great that you are taking action to deal with these difficulties. When did you start? Have you seen improvement already?
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    Thanks for replying to my p0st. Yes, the porn blockers are working really well and I intend to reboot for between 30 and 60 days. I am seeing a sex therapist, and will take their advice. I find it helpful to see on this site that others have had similar problems.
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    How are you? Your journal explains your problem with your Dad, your tendency to anger and the fact that twins are on the way. You will get very disrupted sleep and stress when they arrive. It is true for all new parents. I hope you manage to cope. I remember new parenthood as a very difficult time.
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    This is an excellent strategy. We all have shit we wish we'd never done, but there is absolutely no point ruminating on it. Whenever I get to caught up in my past actions I say something like: past, fuck off. :) Moving forward with affirmative things is the best remedy.
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