Beware everybody, prostitutes are not the solution .. I am in real mess :(

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by hollow, May 19, 2014.

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    Don't know how I could start, after spending one of the worst nights of my life. Actually after 150 days, having 3 bjs and 5 piv sexual counters with prostitutes starting from day 100, I failed to have sex with my girl yesterday night !!

    I was really turned on at the beginning, her touch or kiss were enough to get me rock hard. When it came to sex we were a bit arguing about what's going on, and I always felt that we are having totally different mindsets. She want to enjoy sex in a way which might seem classic, while I am so into enjoy it in the way I used to have it with prostitutes. With a prostitute, there is a little of speaking and a lot of action. You are 100% dominant and have the right to be totally selfish. You are always passive while they are the ones who are active. They know how to move from one point to another, till you reach climax. And finally, you have got no risk at all, even if you totally fail, then its her problem being with poor quality and all what you do is turning you body to sleep on your back and ask for massage.

    Main differences are as following:

    1-When it comes to prostitutes you choose according to breast or bum size, so women turn to be objects not humans .. and I started later to realise that I started searching for weird tastes, exactly like what everybody experienced with porn. But with real women it is different. You always have just one girl friend, and always she has got regular shape, and the sexual experience with her would be for enjoying the journey not reaching the destination.

    2-These women are so experienced, you can just lay back and leave them moving from one step to another till you find yourself orgasmed. While real women always haven't got that massive experience, and they prefer being passive while you are the one who is active and know how to satisfy them.

    3-With prostitutes there is no risk of being seen as non able to have sex, you wont see her again, and you can easily say that I don't want to have it, wanna either have bj or even just any sensual service.

    Arguing about sex with my girl and later when she started refusing to offer me a bj or even get in a position I used to it was able to make me feel of being in different atmosphere which made made me totally lose sensation, lost erection and interest to have sex. Even made it worse by telling her that I don't know what is going wrong since I already had sex with prostitutes for last weeks. She has been to the street crying badly and made me feel wanna get rid of my life.

    I am totally depressed and don't know what should I be doing for now, it is obvious that I should stop seeing prostitutes. But what else should I do ! I have got really disturbed feelings, sometimes I feel not turned on by her, while other times I feel dreaming of satisfying her and having her enjoying my masculinity.

    If anybody would have an idea of what should I have to do, please let me know. Cause sometimes it makes me feel that I am a hopeless case :(
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    Sex and love are not about you. It's not what you get it's what you can give.

    Trying to "get" a blowjob, or "get" her in to a position that you like is trying to get something for yourself.

    Focus should be on her. How can you pleas her, how can YOU make HER feel special and enjoy that experience with you.

    Sex is a beautiful act where two of you should express what you feel for each other. Put the fears and expectations (how sex should look like) aside and feel the moment. Enjoy it. Embrace it.

    Kiss her, hug her. Be a man lick her pussy for an hour. Play with her. Make her cum 5 times before you even enter her. And than when you do fuck her like a man, go deep...Ask her what she likes.

    YOu are the man, you need to lead, you have to go first. To make her feel secure and special with you.

    Man, you start doing all of that she will go crazy for you.

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