Benefits of stopping internet addiction?(Post them in here)

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Stopper, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Stopper

    Stopper IT'S OVER!!!

    I'm sure there are lots of benefits, but can anyone name any concrete ones?

    I can just imagine some:
    • Being able to live in the now
    • Less stress, having to feel like you need to check up on something
    • Constant seeking for more info of any sort(comes to point 2)
    • Better focus and understanding of things, I remember reading, no I actually even heard it last time at a seminar
      that Google takes away the ''understanding'' part of the brain, it hands the info to the person but that's it, people use their brain less cause of Google.
    • Days will look and feel way longer, Internet makes the day go by very fast.

    Would love to know more benefits about stopping Internet Addiction.
  2. pizzaman

    pizzaman New Member

    As you said I can imagine some benefits of quitting....

    I'd guess a few are:

    Getting your libido back
    Not objectifying women as much
    Feeling good about yourself--more confident
    Making more of an effort to honor commitments----when I act out I forget about my friends/relatives
    Being cheerier in general---porn depresses the crap out of me

    thanks for starting this thread!

  3. Skorpion

    Skorpion New Member

    Hes not talking about porn addiction, its the actual internet itself. I dont believe it will make you happier, if anything more depressed for awhile because if you suddenly just stop using the internet as a mental stimulation reality is going to hit you. Atleast its like that for me, one time the power was out for the whole day and I acctualy spent most of my day outside, and when I was home all I could do was ponder on what the fuck I have been doing for the past year. It was really an amazing feeling.
  4. pizzaman

    pizzaman New Member

    didn't read the subject line correctly.

  5. kd

    kd New Member

    I've read a similar study. It states that Google can impair people's ability to convert short term memories into long memories. How many times have you looked up something to get an answer in a conversation and forgotten it the next day or hour? And forget about people understanding directions to an address!

    It all makes sense though, right? We know the brain isn't here to make us better, or smarter, or anything other than using the least resources to ensure survival. If the brain relies on Google to tell us anything at anytime, it will save the energy needed to devote to memory or understanding for something else.

    I have no desire to quit the internet, but I'm not addicted to checking email or Facebook. In fact, I have to tell people if they need an answer from me to text, because I may not get back in email for 3 weeks. I've even cut out Googling for minor things. I feel if people in the 70s somehow survived without recalling that one actor's name in that one movie, then I don't need to get the answer to every minor trivial thing that I'll forget anyway.

    Other than the porn addiction, the internet has been quite beneficial for me. Now that the PMO is gone, it's all good. And since the PMO is gone, I'm even lowering the speed for my connection! No longer need high speed to stream porn.
  6. WeekbyWeek

    WeekbyWeek Guest

    By not getting stimulus from "non-reality", I started playing basketball with my buddy again, haven't done that in years. And just being social a lot more, seeing people more often, being genuinely interested in them and their lives.
  7. bLade

    bLade New Member

    If internet makes the day go by very fast...that's make my reboot from porn go by even quicker. I will try to quit the internet when I'm done rebooting from porn.

    BAMBAM New Member

    Yeah. . .but the thing is you can use that time to do more productive things, like learning a new skill. Just food for thought.
  9. elchancho

    elchancho Guest

    I don't see why stopping using internet... It's a great source of information, opinion and such if used correctly. I wouldn't have discovered thi forum nor porn induced ED if it weren't for internet.

    I think that we should be aware of the damage of technology, like porn addiction, videogames addiction and such, but what about the benefits? I organize basically every evening out with facebook, i keep contacts with people i never meet thanks to mail and facebook, i can contact my professors via mail etc.

    I guess one can say i am addicted to facebook and internet, yes, but that does not interfere with my life at all. I actually think it is better than watching TV(study prove that watching TV is like sleeping mentally). I can download movies, music, books... And i still prefer doing everything else than boredom searching, like going out etc..

    Just my opinion here.
    If you think internet is interfering with your life then you should carefully control your using it otherwise i don't think it is a big deal.
  10. rcfergie5

    rcfergie5 Guest

    My dopamine and serotonin balance out when I break down and control my addictions, including the Internet. Those are sure benefits.
  11. ironworld

    ironworld New Member

    Not sure I agree with the "days go fast" thing. Time doesn't speed up just because you're looking at the internet. It feels quicker because you're focused on doing something. The same thing happens if you're working hard, having fun on a holiday, watching TV, you name it. Days only feel longer after quitting because you've broken your normal routine - eventually, whatever you happen to settle into doing will become routine again, and the days will speed up once again. People have been saying for centuries how time flies once you start working (because of the routine).

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