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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Kurkuror, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. Kurkuror

    Kurkuror Member

    Again I started week after only 4 hours sleep. Also now i cant fall asleep.
    During day Iv felt fine. Not tired at all.
    Sometimes i read this voodoo type content about semen retention. We all want bring magick in our lives. I take it with grain of salt. Some guys there are insane in my opinion.
    But I cant deny that I have much more energy now. When I was PMOing and slept 4 hours I was literally walking dead. Everybody around noticed it immediately. I seen it in mirror. Now I feel fully awake and dont see any signs of bad rest.
    I feel fire burning. But it might also be that cocaine from yesterday. Nah just joking.
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  2. positivef

    positivef Active Member

    Your right you aren't going to get any magick super powers, sorry : -)
    Porn and masturbation aren't the same though. One reason why masturbating to porn makes you so tired is that it can keep you wired for hours with constant novelty.
    Now you have more energy you can make some positive changes in you life.
  3. Kurkuror

    Kurkuror Member

    Im getting some bipolar disorder. Once I think that I should help other people. Ultimate kindness. Feed homless cats, visit my aunt(havent seen her in 5 years. When I was kid we were visiting her often) etc.
    And then pure fucking evil takes over me. Criminal thoughts, go roids, give me some opponent to fight with, invade germany, steal cookies from kids.
    Root of this evil is my frustration. I failed so many times. Even though I put lot of hours of effort. Maybe I could put some more. Or Im just to fucking dumb.
    Give me month and I will teach monkey everything needed to do my current job.
    I know people with better qualfications in "better" jobs earn even less than me. But I have debst and it will take few years to get rid of them.
    Kurwa mac, ide spac.
  4. Kurkuror

    Kurkuror Member

    Still in the game
    Feel good. No urges for PMO.
    If you would ask me today how long can I go without PMo
    - Forever, its easy.
    I feel optimistic today.
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  5. Kurkuror

    Kurkuror Member

    What I posted above is pure bullshit. Its second time.
    I went to bed almost 3 hours ago. Storm of thoughts. Then this monster appeared in my pants. I stand up puted lights on. Looked at clock. Wtf? Time passed so fast. Maybe I sleept for hour but dont even realized that.
    Erection stayed with me for few minutes. Urge for F was just in the beginning, and some fantasies. They fade fast. I was comfortably looking at my hardon. Did you know its possible?
    Im proud that I stick to commitment.
    Its easier this way.
    I want to to it so Im doing it.
    Its about achieving harmony. Not battle with myself as I thought earlier.
  6. dark red drifter vessel

    dark red drifter vessel Well-Known Member

    Ya man, you can battle yourself all fucking day long and not move a bit. Its most often of no use.

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