Before quitting were you guys able to get it up to fantasy?

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by Thisworld, May 30, 2020.

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    If yes, it was only to porn/fetish fantasy or even to vanilla fantasy?
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    I remember back before I rebooted ....the first time....fantasy would neither get me aroused or hard in the slightest. The thought of getting aroused and wackin' it to my head movies (as simple Jack might say) NEVER EVEN OCCURRED TO ME, first of all because it wouldn't have worked and second because I still had porn. So why the hell would I go to all that work of using my noggin when I can stare drooling at a screen.

    GO AWAY, BAITIN'.....

    To me anyone that can fantasize and get aroused even somewhat (about anything, no matter how fetish or perverse) has not hit rock bottom, or is even anywhere close to being in a REALLY bad place sensitivity-wise (mental or downstairs) yet, though that can happen in pretty quick order.
    And if one can get aroused to vanilla fantasy on a consistent basis, well, I'd say that person is pretty well close to cured in my humble but pretty experienced opinion.
    From where my stupid ass is right this minute, I'd say it'd take damn near several months perfect hard-mode to get me aroused and rock hard to like, fantasizing about making out with coworkers and such....I don't know what vanilla is to other people, that kinda thing would be my general definition. That being said, being able to fantasize and get rock hard thinking about the next door neighbors big ass is way past functional. It's of course nice to have but not mandatory. Most dudes out there that don't feel they have any problems probably can't get hard thinking about vanilla shit either.....who knows....that would be a good poll to put somewhere other than on this site.
    Edit.....The second paragraph of my answer isn't referring to whipping your dick out then wackin off trying to get hard to vanilla fantasy. It's referring to the proper natural order of how things are supposed to occur when our brain is sensitized and healthy.

    This is what I meant. Scenario = Laying in bed trying to get to sleep.
    1. Happen.....keyword "HAPPEN" to get an arousing thought in your head
    2. Get hard
    3. ?

    That's what I'm referring to when I say you are probably cured if that is what's occurring.

    1. Not aroused in the slightest
    2. Say: Today I'm gonna try to jerk off thinking about Ashley the secretary's big titties
    3. Will your dick to get hard while furiously choking it
    4. get hard

    Those are different situations. One takes far more sensitivity than the other (but I could do neither when I've watched way to much porn). It's late I hope I made a bit of sense here. But I'm thinking it might seem like simple Jack wrote this post.
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    No, I really needed the porn. Now I can get it up without any kind of fantasy.
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