bad case, going for 90days and forever

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    @Freedom from Servitude
    Sure man i truly wish best for you too and how we are going about it recovery is sure to come!! Continue social connections anyway you can. They help. Social life, friends and whatever are important. Train and it becomes fun and then you are alive again!
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    I made a post about 3 month experiment to stay away from phone, ybrb, internet, computers and television and of course MO. I want to do little update how that went
    I managed it and once again made that 90day goal line without relapsing to anything. Small success i fear but success non the less.
    Was it easy?
    Well i have had lots of training and put great many streaks before it and to note never i had more than two month streaks, so i had lots of problem staying sober before the experiment but somehow the experiment itself made it easier. I noticed that now i dont have phone taking my attention and sneakily feed me cravings i have much easier time avoiding them. So no cravings to watch porn for whole experiment. Then i guess it was kinda easy, in its own way.
    Was it fun?
    anyone can guess whether being sober and recovering is fun, unfortunately it always is not. But it wasnt that boring either, i have own social network that arent linked to phone use. I was working everyday and do bit of acting on the side, we have great group and am accepted there. So i focused myself to them. Not fun but tolerable. Its fun if you joke around, in general it could be fun if you make it fun. Its fun to stand for your own beliefs and its fun to actually recover when that happens.
    What are the upsides?
    A memory that i succeeded at something, put great streak again. Those add up and turn to confidence and belief i can trust myself. I trust myself to stay pure and be the man i want to be. Its best feeling in the whole world and definition of being adult. I go towards that feeling with every streak i put down. And there are other upsides i feel less need to masturbate in general sure i am horny at times but it isnt need to fap rather energy if channeled right can be strong tool to catch the babes.
    What now?
    I live without phone for little while longer. I start to use television again to check whether its a problem. In worst case scenario i continue the experiment if i start to have more urges / failures to be without MO.
    Good upcoming year everyone!!
    Stay sober and do not PMO!

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