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  1. Hello to everyone, I'm temple_of_peace, or simply TOP :D. I'm 27 years old. Started porn at a young age (12-13 yo or so) when I had my first dial-up internet. The first porn scene I saw when I was a child on a VHS tape(7-8 yo).

    I've deleted my previous journal because the the old journal was too pessimistic and useless to read. I have to say that, I've never failed to porn since I started this No PMO journey, I can say I'm clean right now, but still have a problem with the erections, and I think I figured it out what is the problem. So hear me what I'm going to say.

    When I saw the problem is not resolving itself, I tried No Arousal technique. I'd say this technique is good because it erased all my fetishes, and right now I'd get horny only by talking to women (no boners, just horny).

    During my previous reboots, I was not constantly searching for nude pictures, but every time I'd see a female on facebook, I'd watch it and that gave me the sensations of horniness, which is counterproductive. That's why I started No A method. If you do No A, make sure you do not watch TV and you do not surf Internet cause you'll stumble upon pictures that will capture your attention. (this is not smth new for you)

    But No A is not the only thing. I observed that all the successful guys here on forum had long flatlines (even if they were not doing No A) before they cured themselves, some of them had even more flatlines. What is exactly a flatline? It is when you have no interest in sex, small penis and withdrawals. So... what's the meaning of having a limp dick but in the same time being horny? You constantly want sex but the penis is dead... <--- well that's not a flatline.
    My opinion to all this, is that we have to enter a FLATLINE MODE for some amount of time, to let the body to heal itself. Now imagine, if you want to heal yourself, but the healing energy is stucked in the genital area, one will crave sex to get rid of that horniness.

    I was doing everything right, I was hard with myself, but still I was horny... Why was I horny???? I was TRAINING A LOT + doing on a daily basis the 5 TIBETAN RITES(which raises the T levels tremendously), the testosterone levels were so high, that I had a tension in my balls all the way until I got a pain in my right testicle, the testosterone was accumulating but never released, the sex hormones were never released + I began to bald. I thought this has nothing to do with the horniness, until I decided to take some COLD SHOWERS. After the cold showers, my penis got small small that it was hard to notice it :D:D:D, my horniness was gone, my mood was way better, the cold shower put me to sleep + my hair was not falling so much and it shined.

    Last night I was thinking a lot upon this and today I wanted to share with you guys my thoughts. It may be false, it may be true.

    I also found a link were a guy disscusses with a brahmachari(celibate/monk) the link between testosterone and celibacy. Here is the link.

    Ofcourse I don't mean we all have to become celibates for life, but for a short period we have to make it.
    I hope you'll find something useful in what I wrote.

    The question is, how to get in that flatline mode?
    I'll give it a try and do the following.
    - no training (for a period of time)
    - cold showers (room temperature/slightly colder) on a daily basis
    - keep being on the No A method
    That's it...
  2. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    Hey TOP! I think this is some useful information here. I like some of these ideas. I believe as well that we probably NEED a full flatline to recover - as depressing as flatlined are, it really is a period of rest and recovery that we all should feel good about!

    One thing: I think physical training is still important during this time. You don't neccessairly have to go "all out" and train 7 days a week, but 3-4 times a week is actually really good and centering for the body. Lots of studies show regular exercise eases depression and anxiety, so I think it's a good idea to keep that around.

    Overall, I'm really interested to see where this goes for you. Keep in mind that it really takes 8-12 weeks to really start seeing any changes with things most of the time.
  3. Hey fugu man, this is very individual, with the training also, but it would send me in depressions, appathy etc. if I'd overtrain.

    One must find a balance between all this.

    Also, I'd say that other intellectual hobbies can help also with depressions. Or for example meditation. All one has to do is to keep his mind busy/occupied with healthy things.

    1000 people = 1000 approaches of reboot

    I'll keep this thread updated when I'll notice something unusual.
  4. Also what I've noticed. During all this "horny period" I never had a wet dream. It also was really hard to fall asleep.

    All my wet dreams were during the deepest sleep and when I was in a real flatline.
  5. 12.03.2015

    I'm not sure if I flatline, sometimes I do feel horny(way less horny then I used to be), but these days, I have the dead penis syndrome. I'd have to say that I sleep much much better, this night I had some vivid dreams and one spontaneous LUCID DREAMING. Wow...

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