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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by WeWillMineralYou, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. WeWillMineralYou

    WeWillMineralYou New Member

    Well I blew it after making it nearly a month. Stopped caring and started making weird rationalizations with myself. I now see that it takes well over a month to get rid of PIED, as I noticed very little difference overall. Take 2, starting now.

    I now know that the most tempting times are not when you're super horny and trying to resist the urge. It's when you're lethargic, don't care, and operating on autopilot on your old routine. That is the real danger.
  2. SgtJim

    SgtJim Member

    Good that you've learnt from the experience. Good luck with the fresh reboot! 8)
  3. WeWillMineralYou

    WeWillMineralYou New Member

    I should probably add that "super horny" is misleading. It still feels like I have almost no libido whatsoever. When I fapped recently it was just due to force of habit.

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