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Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by Jham55, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. Jham55

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    so it’s been years since I’ve been on this site. 5-8 years later here I am. When I finished my last time on this site I completed 60 days of no fap with a ton of success. I essentially cured myself. Now I relapsed only slightly but with major dysfunction. After some edging I encountered progressive urinary urgency and frequency, prostate pain and bad ED. Even looking at porn I cannot get an erection without some serious work and then if I do ejaculation is really fast almost without orgasm. The muscles spasm and don’t feel good. I’m going to have to do an extreme 16 week no fap. Not sure what else to do but really take my time with it. The bad part is the urgency is annoying and I’ve met a girl that I’m in no shape for sexual activity. I’m also going to try physical therapy.
  2. mereal

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    good luck with your reboot sir.
  3. Jham55

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    Well after 3 weeks I have noticed some changes. No fap but I catch the cravings coming on strong. Not getting full erections but 80% mostly from walking around. Some supplements have helped. We will see what happens.
  4. Jham55

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    So I'm closing in on a month tomorrow. After 30 days interesting I have noticed some changes from when I first did this. I'm definitely not in a flatline. My hormones are raging which almost caused me to relapse. I'm getting morning wood off and on which is completely new. It took a month to achieve that. I remember after 90 days last time I could just get rock hard in the morning without even touching myself. I'm hoping that comes back. I am dealing with some urgency frequency issues that seem to get worse with erections. I'm trying to figure that out as well. Other than that I think yoga has helped out and eliminating the strong dopamine addictions are helping. Since I'm at a week I will try and post once a week to monitor the changes.

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