Back on this forum after 3 years of being a little bit better.

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Matei99, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Matei99

    Matei99 I hope One day I'll be cured

    PIED, DE reboot -> 21 years old now
    Day 1
    Mood: 4/10
    Libido: 3/10
    Energy: 3/10

    If you don't know me, my last post was 2017 oct I was 17-18 back then. Since then I battled an relapsed a lot of times, I had a lot of sexual partners, and a lot of 20 days streaks. My erection was like 70-80% a lot of the time.

    Recently I started PMO-ing too much and got a new gf. I barely get turned on when I'm with her. Last night we tried to have sex and i couldn't get hard enough. It took me a lot to finish and I couldn't feel much since my brain and penis are so unsensitive. The second round was a little bit better, I got like 80-90% hard wich was a suprise for me, then it died after 5 mins, I couldn't finish even with oral stimulation.

    That broke my heart. I got home, and as soon as I entered porn, my dick was so hard... that made me even more sad.. It's time to reboot...
    I Hope I can help you with anything. I'm going to update this thread weekly on sunday.

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