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    Well, I'm back after over 8 years off this site. I struggled from very severe porn addiction throughout my teens and into my early 20's. Anytime I would engage in sex with women I had severe ED which started a vicious cycle of not wanting to engage and when I did engage being psychologically scarred from ED. I then found this website and began my journey to free myself from porn addiction.

    I was able to open up to my first girlfriend about porn addiction. She was very supportive and I was able to engage in my first meaningful sexual relationship at the age of 23 for about 2 years. We broke up and I started to make up for lost time, having a number of short sexual relationships within a two-year span, after which I met my now wife (we have been together since 2014). I am happy I had a span of being single and having a healthy sex life, I would be really regretful if I never had that opportunity in life. My life would not be the same if I stayed addicted to porn and I am very grateful that I found this website.

    My wife is now 7 months pregnant and things are going great overall, aside from the fact that I slipped back into watching porn incessantly. In addition to pregnancy, the pandemic certainly has something to do with this, as well a not being to see my family on the West Coast for years. It's crazy how I can go 8 years with having a healthy sex life without engaging in porn (very much) and all of a sudden old habits take over. I'm at a stage in life where I really value my time and being productive, but porn addiction is simply incongruent with that idea. I like to meditate but found that porn would get in the way of my meditation practice. I am hoping that this website in combination with therapy and mindfulness meditation will work for my porn addiction and allow me to experience life in a fuller way again.

    One thing I have noticed about myself is that I often have feelings of loss and regret over not having had a healthy sex life until the age of 23. I am grateful that I overcame my addiction, however, I can't help but think about all the wasted opportunities to not only have sex when I was young but foster friendships and relationships outside of sex. Many of you likely sympathize, but being addicted to porn leads to anti-social behaviour. Being in your 30's doesn't allow for the same relationship-building opportunities as when you are younger (in college). I know that I need to deal with the fact that that time in my life is over, and be grateful for the fact that I am on the other side of porn addiction, but I can't help but feeling regret sometimes of my past life and all that I missed out on. I have a good group of core friends, but I am very outgoing and social now, and can't help but think of those times I lived basically as a shut-in or avoided the advances of women that were interested in me.

    Anyways, nice seeing you all again.

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    Welcome back, man! Regardless of the past, the only regret you should have now is that things have gotten so far out of hand now. We're in pretty similar situations - back after a while.

    Looking forward to following your success story.

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