Back... a bit broken but maybe wiser?

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Lowdo, Mar 5, 2019.

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    Have a good trip!
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    Thanks @Bobo

    I had a really good week - camping always helps me de-stress. I just wanted to check in now that I'm back on-grid. I've also been reading a very interesting novel that was quoted and recommended by someone I really respect. Although it's a novel it's exploring some very interesting real-world topics that seem relevant to me, and possibly others. I still haven't quite finished it but might post a few details once I've had time to process it.

    Hope you're all good - take care!
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  3. Lowdo

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    Hey guys. Just wanted to check-in. Things seem Ok at the moment - I was reflecting earlier today that I'm in the 'easy' period in a reboot: I'm on pretty much exactly 90 days and it does feel great. However I know from previous experience that unless I take proper steps to work on my whole self I will never fully get away from the things that can drive me to PMO.

    The book I mentioned in my previous post focused on the topic of how all of us tend to project a 'glittering image' to the world when whilst remaining ashamed of who we believe our true selves to be. The reasons for this differ from person to person and are obviously vey complex, however the end result is that we spend so much time working on our 'public persona' that our true selves (who we're ashamed of) are never able to fully develop. I'm probably explaining it very badly... I'll try to unpack it more after I've had more time to think. I haven't mentioned the name or author of the book as, whilst it's very good, it did contain a few potential mild triggers so I hesitate to recommend it as 'safe' reading...

    Anyway, I'm working on improving my reading and meditation, still taking the cold showers (although I forgot this morning!) and am also trying to increase the amount of exercise I do, although currently struggling with a buggered knee...

    Keep going everyone!
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