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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Mark Evans, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. Mark Evans

    Mark Evans New Member

    Hi all,

    No need to bore you all with details, but let's just say that PIED has cost me my relationship with what I believe was the love of my life. A part of me believes I can win her back if I rewire in time, but this will require a RAPID REBOOT (my new invention, which almost certainly isn't a thing).

    Therefore, other than abstaining from the unholy trinity (P,M,O), I will do the following in an attempt to rewire more quickly:

    - No electronics at all. Other than as required for work, and to provide updates on here (I have not yet decided whether I will provide an update every 2 weeks or once a month), I will not use electronics of any kind. No music, no podcasts, no nothing. I will only allow myself Netflix or other streaming services from 8pm onwards.

    - Daily PDE5s before bed. I will be taking a low dose nightly tadalafil. My belief is that much of our rewiring takes place during sleep, and my hope is that nightly use of PDE5s may turbocharge the process.

    Wish me luck! Any suggestions or feedback are welcome. I am 33 years old, for those interested.
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  2. runningforfreedom

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    This is an excellent idea, I think much of our addiction is rooted in having too much screen time. While I am not giving up all electronics, I am attempting to drastically limit my electronic use and computer access. I am basically limiting myself to email, finances, music (to keep sane during covid), and a couple of other sites.

    May you have a swift and full recovery, and get back together with the love of your life! We are rooting for you!
  3. Shady

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    @Mark Evans Good luck.
    But IMO, rushing things may give the opposite result. I hope you can be the exception.
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