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  1. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Hey man, yeah The idea was that my brother (who does marketing for a living would handle this part of the business. But for some reason he does not want to be involved so now I am just doing it until there is enough profit to give this task to someone else.

    I have been doing ok, but have peeked and edged a few times recently. It is instagram which is my issue. But I have figured a sort of way round it, so I am now posting my social media post, then deleting instagram off my phone immediately. Then download it again to do the next post. Not ideal but I think it it working out ok.

    Gonna see if I can update my spreadsheet now as I am quite far behind.
  2. Caesura

    Caesura Member

    So, let me put forward an unusual suggestion... you might disagree with the ethics of this.

    Tim Ferris, in his book the 4 Hour Work Week, wrote about these companies in India that provide "assistants" for much cheaper than you would have to pay an American. I can't remember how much they cost, but this social media thing IS the kind of thing they would do for you. Ferris claims they speak English well and are highly competent.

    Some people would say it's exploitative, but these assistants are probably getting paid fairly well relative to most Indians.

    I think Ferris has a short list of the best (ie trustworthy) companies for this in his book. Maybe on his blog, as well.

    The one thing I don't know is: does this part of the job require marketing expertise? If so, you still might be able to find a cheap assistant who is qualified.
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  3. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    @Caesura yeah I have heard about this kind of thing and it is very interesting.

    I will have to look into this to see how much it would cost. Thanks for the idea :)
  4. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Well it’s been a little while since I have been posting regularly.

    Iv not been doing great tbh with avoiding P.

    Otherwise this are going well, but the fact that other parts of my life are stressful are making me use that as an excuse to edge or look at porn.

    I have found a workaround for posting to social media for the time being. It’s called buffer and it allows you to post to Instagram without having to have the app on my phone. It’s good because that means I can still play images with the text and hashtags etc but I don’t end up scrolling through Instagram and getting distracted on there.

    I only set it up yesterday, so will see how it goes. One down side is you can’t do videos with it so will have to do that with my phone still. But it will give me a few days in between to be away from social media.

    Social media is really not good for me. If I can figure out how to sort this out I should be in a much better situation.

    Still exercising three times a week and seeing my basically every day. I have had a bit of ed recently which is to be expected because I keep edging.

    Got two weeks till I go on holiday with gf for a long weekend down in Devon so gonna try my best to stay clean for now till then.

    Wish me luck, peace!
  5. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Doing better this week, since Monday I have been clean apart from yesterday I peeked an edged for about 10 minutes but then stopped.

    It was because my mind went somewhere and thought of something to type in and then I just couldn’t stop myself even though in my head I was saying ‘you don’t need to do this’ the other addiction voice was saying ‘oh just have a quick look’.

    It’s diffi when there is a conflict, I need to stay strong for the rest of the week, there are o my abiut 2 hours in the day when I have the opportunity to relapse, so that’s good. I just need to stay busy during this time.
  6. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Well yesterday I had a full blown relapse.

    Just one PMO, but I had intended to just edge but then before I knew it, it had happened.

    I need to stop this, today I am going to do everything I can to prevent this from happening. Get home food, rest a little bit, gym, come home, shower and then go to the library to use my laptop.

    No sitting at home on my laptop any more. I need to break this cycle, I haven’t had more than 4 days clean in the last month.
  7. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    So I’m home after work and I have done a whole bunch of stuff and now I either do work on my laptop or I don’t.

    I am worried that if I use my laptop I will relapse so I think I’ll try stay off it till my mate get back home. Then I won’t relapse if he is here
  8. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Ok so it’s now Wednesday, my last relapse was on Thursday, so I am now on day 6.

    I have been quite low recently, think this is manly due to work stress.

    ED was non existent yesterday, so that was great.

    Think my work stress is reducing as I am plotting through my workload. Doesn’t help that the MD has brought his son in to ‘help with my workload’. It basically means I have to yeah him how to do everything which would have taken me a quarter of the time to do. So I miss out on overtime pay and his son gets a couple of days of pay at what I assume is going to be a contractor wage. So yeah fucking brilliant.

    Hopefully this will be the last day I have to deal with that though.

    A few more days and then I have a long weekend away with my gf.

    Staying positive.

  9. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    I was on day 8 and decided that I should use my laptop.

    And guess what. I did some work... but also edged for like 45 minutes on and off before finally turning the WiFi off and deleted the details...

    The stupid thing is that I really could have avoided this by just not using my laptop while on my own.

    I need to remember that the temptation is too much when I’m on my own...

    I just wish there was a better way to block websites on my laptop.

    Does anyone know of any good blocking software that blocks the sites you add a list, but let’s you use the internet normally otherwise? I have on really used K9 or that DNS one and neither seem to work well.

    I am happy to pay for one if it works well.. any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  10. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Since my last post I have had 2 weeks where there was one day about a week ago that I edged for about 40 minutes to P, then the next day I peeked for 10 minutes. I also spent about 30 minutes yesterday on Instagram looking at pictures that were a bit more than just modelling pictures, they were pretty suggestive.

    Today I deleted Instagram off my phone. I will need to add it back on tonight though to post for my business.

    I have found that I had been spending a fair bit of time at work just scrolling through Instagram and then that just makes me want to go further. Hence why I deleted it.

    Apart from that I feel fairly good in general. Not having a full replapse for near on 3 weeks is pretty good. Just need to keep going forward and stay away from P.

    Keep your head up guys!
  11. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Doing well, no relapse since I peeked, I put Instagram back on my phone yesterday and scrolled a bit today so deleted it just now.

    I feel better without it on my phone I can concentrate better.
  12. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Had a bit of a stressful day on Sunday. Was related to my business, it’s a bit different having pressure in a salary type job compared to having financial responsibilities for your own business.

    So I peeked a bit at some P. I stopped myself and only peeked for maybe 15 minutes in total, I’m 3 periods of about 5 minutes each, but each time I searched for more explicit stuff.

    It got the dopamine surging which gave me a rush and this morning I was scrolling through Instagram again. So I just deleted it.

    When I get home from work I need to not use my laptop or phone and just do yoga and ironing.
  13. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    I just full on PMO'd, bit stressed. Didn't do what I said I was going to. I went straight on laptop and couldnt resist the urge to peek and then 40 minutes later PMO.
  14. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Well I’m a week clean.

    Been feeling good the last couple days but last night had the first dream that gave me some cravings.

    Feel a little down today but just gonna try to push on forwards.
  15. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Was over a week clean then on Friday I was drunk and my GF had gone to see her parents for the weekend and I relapsed.

    Was on YouTube (this was Friday night/early Saturday morning before I went to sleep) then Saturday morning I relapsed again and then Sunday a peeked and edged a bit to P this time.

    I have made the effort to add google cells to my phone so now I can update my spreadsheet when I have a relapse (without the need to go on my laptop which is where I am most likely to relapse). I think there have been a few times when I have just estimated what had happened in the last month but I would like to start recording this again properly.

    I want to do better and think that had I not been drunk (and a bit posed off that I had to spend a lot of money to get my car to pass the MOT) I would have been good and not done that. Just a bit of waste of a clean week really.

    Feeling ok today. Gonna try do yoga tonight.
  16. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    On day three of being clean.

    Yesterday I was grumpy. Today I am also grumpy.

    Had a few urges, but nothing crazy.

    I have stopped posting to Instagram daily. I know for a fact it was negative for me. So hoping that this change will make me feel better and less cravey. Feel like a need to book some time of work, I will think about this more over the next few days.
  17. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Yesterday I had some pretty graphic P dreams. Iv not been sleeping very well recently due to dreams.

    Feel a bit down in general really.
  18. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Chris buddy how've ya been? Long time. Glad to hear you at least have a gf now. This is a hard addiction no doubt. I learned practicing consciousness makes the most difference. Cravings cannot be beat until we snap ourselves out of the chemical proclivity to dopamine. My counter says 100 but only because I did not update the badge. I am really on day 14. I joined the nofap forum. There is more activity there and more support. My username is same, join in if you can and if you do drop me a note.
  19. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    I peeked on Friday.

    I had some free time to myself and used most of it to be productive, but then towards the end of the free time my mind lost a bit of control and I found myself edging (no PMO this time).

    Feeling pretty shitty atm.

    Not sure why but just a bit down in general. This I need to book some time of work.
  20. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Hey man, thanks for the comment. I might check it out soon. Cheers bud. Hope your doing well.

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