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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Ascetic, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Ascetic

    Ascetic New Member

    The 2nd book of Game of Thrones atm.

    Checking in before bed so I don't do anything I shouldn't, good night.
  2. Ascetic

    Ascetic New Member

    Good morning. Had a mildly challenging night because I had really bad allergies and it felt like I was suffocating when I tried to sleep because my nose was so congested, for some reason I found my brain trying to use that as an excuse to PMO (wtf?). But luckily I was finally able to get to sleep. About to go to gym, didn't go yesterday because I had a sinus headache, feel better today though and ready for work.

    There will be no PMO this morning.
  3. forgotten1

    forgotten1 New Member

    I love game of thrones. I also started watching prison break.
  4. Ascetic

    Ascetic New Member

    Back from work, having CRAZY urges WTF. Saw a random picture of a girl and then a few minutes later I realized that I had been trying to rationalize going to PMO.

    I'm gonna go to the gym tonight and get it all out. Gonna go sit on my porch and eat some peanut butter and drink some milk (trying to gain weight, I am very skinny) and just chill.

    "Every moment of resistance to temptation is a victory."
  5. Ascetic

    Ascetic New Member

    1 week so far, I can never make it past a week. I always relapse on day 7 or day 8.

    I will get through this, this time.
  6. Hell yeah! Keep it going man. Good luck!
  7. Ascetic

    Ascetic New Member

    Meh. M'd this morning. Did not look at porn though, which is a first. I always had a huge urge to look at porn before, but I resisted that. Also, I did not do any excessive fantasizing because I think that can be just as bad, and I was able to rub one out in literally 25 seconds.

    Gonna be honest: I almost felt better this time--I didn't have this huge feeling of regret because I caved or something. I also don't feel drained. I was almost hurting down there and felt I really needed release.

    Still giving up porn for good, but I think I'll just try going 2 weeks this time without M, then see how I feel after that.

    June 4th.

    I am a healthy young man that exercises frequently and eats half decently... don't look at me like that. XD
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    Any news worth sharing?

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