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    Stories an YBOP suggest a connection between porn addiction and a lack of creativity, that may be recovered from through rebooting (see It's probably connected to the core symptom of a lack motivation. Due to a numbed pleasure response, from overloading the reward functions in the brain, or whatever.

    Who else here is rebooting cause they want to make stuff?

    I used to have tons of ideas for games, as a kid. I'd start loads of projects... but seldom finish any.

    Now, I barely ever bother to begin in the first place. I feel I have less ideas worth developing. There are a dozen possible reasons. Maybe PMO has sapped away my drive to do stuff in general. Perhaps my ideas are actually just as good as they were, and I'm just over-critical about them (maybe for good reason, I've got better taste now), so I'm less likely to get excited and motivated to realise them. Maybe I'm just tired because I have a real job now.

    Maybe I'm just lazy and porn serves as a convenient excuse.

    But I know I have the technical skills to make pixels move on a screen according to a design I envisage. This is more true now than at any point in my life previously. And I know I have enough resources, time, the right tools (or the means to build them).

    Porn was a time-sink. Now I'm using (some of) that time to learn an interesting new programming language. I'll spend more time on exploratory programming.

    I used to be committed to the idea of making a game all by myself. The one-man development team. I wouldn't be the only one. But I've always been using tools made by others. I'm much more open to collaboration now, even working primarily on someone else's designs. That's what I do at work (making websites, instead of games). And I've come up with original ideas for my own sites. So re-doing the same thing with games, collaborating, then eventually making my own stuff, seems like the way to go.

    (Hm, this post has been a bit me-focussed. Could go in my journal. Nah it's fine here.)

    Unfortunately... when I have a success story to post, it'll probably be light on the details. Because I won't want to link my real life identity to the stuff I post here. Such is life.

    Here's an epic and tragic autobiography (in progress) of a dude called Bob:

    We have two notable similarities, him and I:
    • frustrated wannabe videogame developers -- and interested specifically in solo development
    • struggling/struggled to quit heavy porn usage

    (From his writing you may infer many other problems in his life... which I don't care to examine here. But he's on the way up! Yay Bob! I'm not Bob.)
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    I've been playing and studying piano professionally since 6-year old. I am now studying it in college with great teachers. Since I was young most people thought I don't have desire to play since I didn't express much but I was talented and I could do it. Since I recovered out of my last flatline I noticed a huge difference, and I was a new person and playing the piano with a lot of desire. The quality of other creative processes like writing an essay improved a lot as well. So yeah, quitting porn makes a big difference.
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    This all goes back to the brain. The right hemisphere is responsible for logic (male aspect) and the left hemisphere is responsible for creativity (female aspect). When you spend a lot of time in your brain stem or reptilian brain, which is responsible for base urges like food, sex, fight or flight, those upper hemispheres of your cortex are shut off. When you abstain from PMO this hemispheres come "back online" so to speak and you can access them. The more you can access them the stronger they get and the weaker the control of the brain stem. This is why creativity and empathy are showing.

    A fully conscious person has communication between both male (right) brain and female (left) brain and therefore can access both.

    This is an overview of left and right brain processes and why they may be termed male vs. female.
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    Yeah, I want to enjoy music more
  5. I definitely see a huge boost in creativity, and it's funny to look back and track it. It kind of went like this.

    1. Start playing alone in apartment
    2. Gain balls to play in front of others
    3. Don't talk to anyone at the venue for a month
    4. Actually open my eyes and stand during performing
    5. Start talking to people
    6. Start collaborating and writing with people

    Each step got harder and harder, REALLY harder. Not because I didn't have the ability, but because I started off with zero people skills. I didn't know and still struggle with communiciation. But it's getting better :)

    Bob's story does scare me too. I see a lot of similarities, but it seems like he let his anger and lack of connection get the best of him. Hope he pulls through ok :)

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