Approaching women, newbie to natural?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Bindle, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. So if I hit the gym, the ladies will come to me? Sweet.

  2. Dude Duderson

    Dude Duderson New Member

    You're missing the point (which is living a good life regardless of woman and attraction) and are trolling for a reaction.

    Live your life however you wish and take advice or leave it. That is up to you.

    Best of luck to you sir!
  3. Blah, blah blah. It's easy for you to say it because you don't have to deal with what I deal. Your life seems to be perfect bro, you can defeat anything! Why even bother about thinking what I will think as an old man?

    @Luke: Of course bro. They'll be all over you.
  4. Coma White

    Coma White ·★ ғar вeyond тнe ѕυn ★·

    I think you guys are too defensive. Dude Duderson isn't some comic villain that wants to give you false advice that will only bring you failure and ruin your chances of success just for the sake of having a 'bad guy laugh' in the end.

    He's actually a human being like you, and he's only trying to give you some advice to help YOU out! Or not even that actually, he's just telling you he's been where you are, and he's letting you know what helped him progress the most.

    Even if his advice is not having as high an effect as you expected, just give it some time and be patient, or not every piece of advice works for everyone!

    Anyway, to give my two cents, working out has a major positive effect on me, on mood, self-confidence, self-esteem, and looks! ;) I suggest you to give it a go, and don't expect to see either physical or mental changes in a week or even a month. Give it enough time and it'll work for you too :)
  5. Ryan94

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  6. ls558

    ls558 Member

    LOL, I had to laugh at this post. Basically because it's true. All this guy needs is to hit the gym and get braces and he'll do just fine.

    Hitting the gym definitely worked for me. That's my advice, get big muscles. If women aren't attracted to them, who cares? At least you accomplished a difficult goal, and that in itself will give you more confidence and make you give less of a fuck, which is what women are really attracted to.
  7. Coma White

    Coma White ·★ ғar вeyond тнe ѕυn ★·

    Hey nobody is putting a dumbbell in each of your hands and making you lift them up dummy. If you have better things to do, go ahead don't let us waste your time. If you'd care to, tell us about them too so we can all do something useful with our lives and stop wasting our time in the gym.

  8. Gruznbyrg

    Gruznbyrg New Member

    Yeah, the portrait of the kid doesn't look that bad. He's an adolescent and a bit awkward looking. His family is probably poor as he could use some braces and some new glasses.

    But yeah, if he could at least go to a glasses place to have his frames bent back into shape and shave off his awkward mustache I'm sure he could lift some weights or join a sports team or something, gain some confidence and do fine with the ladies. He could fix his teeth later in life when he has the money. They're not THAT bad.

    So yeah, I think even that guy could do fine.

    I like Dude's advice. I think people would do better to assume that posters have their best interests at heart and not assume they are being insulted. I mean we should give each other the benefit of the doubt. Dude has volunteered his time to try to help others in this thread. No one's trying to insult anyone.
  9. Meatloaf

    Meatloaf New Member

    Getting fit and strong is a great tool. Its not hard as you might think either.

    Not because girls love big bulky mean (some do, many don't) but it is an achievable goal of self development. It makes you feel better about yourself. That being said I think obsessing over abs or biceps is NOT going to make you more successful with the ladies. If you talk about your muscles or working out out of context you will be doomed.

    And no you don't have to be an extrovert either. Being comfortable with yourself is important but doesn't mean you need to be a chatter box if that isn't you. Unlike people seem to think: both women and men have very diverse tastes. This also means that even if you are doing things right some women might have zero interest in you. Live with it.

    But forget lines and shit like that. "hi" is the line you need. Starting is the hard part - was for me anyway. But I encourage talking to girls - not to pick the up but to learn to understand that they don't bite. Be it at the cashier, at the library or ask for directions even if you don't need them. The worst that can happen? its awkward and you embarrass yourself a little. Big deal. That happens with learning anything.
  10. Dude Duderson

    Dude Duderson New Member

    ...This from a guy who will do anything for love. :)

    I had to. ;)
  11. Meatloaf

    Meatloaf New Member

    I fail to see the contradiction.
  12. SaturnGreed

    SaturnGreed New Member

    yup, confidence is the key here. Test out your confidence at a dating site like to see if it works.

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