Anyone with IBS cured

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Niceguy, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. Niceguy

    Niceguy New Member

    Has anyone in this forum with IBS been cured or their problems reduced by stopping PMO?
    Does excessive masturbation worsen IBS ?
  2. Jaxon

    Jaxon New Member

    how does a stomach issue relate to chronic wanking? Change up your diet, more fibre/vegetables etc.
  3. miracle

    miracle Guest

    Erm, I don't see how there could be any causation or correlation between the two.

    Try bone broth and L-glutamine powder to heal the gut itself.
    Be mindful of any foods that worsen the symptoms and take them out of your diet for a month or so.
    Eat more whole foods.
  4. Freethinker

    Freethinker Guest

    I've had periods in my life where I thought I was developing IBS and thus have done quite a bit of reading on the subject. Aside from the great advice given here about your diet, there are doctors who believe that
    IBS can have an emotional component related to stress. So, think about this: if your PMO use keeps you in a form of constant stress or emotional turmoil, there could be a connection.

    In addition to the dietary recommendations you may want to try cultivating an overall stress management strategy. Lots of advice here and in cyberspace on how to do that. Avoiding PMO would be part of that strategy, I would think. Hope you can get to feeling better.
  5. Red_Raja

    Red_Raja New Member

    I had IBS and crohn's disease.

    It was at the absolute worst (I almost died) during the most depressing and porn/pmo filled days of my life.

    Changing my diet removed ALL my IBS symptoms, but I also believe my mindset, and not pmo'ing are having a huge impact as well. Some people are so narrow minded they think that one aspect of the body can't affect the other. Ridiculous!

    The human body is the least understood thing on the planet, it's all intertwined, wired, connected through a stem to a central nervous system to a brain which regulates it's functioning through hormones and neurotransmitters. Essentially, one meatbag of flesh and chemicals. Excessive masturbation can definitely have some effect on your overall health.

    I can't say it cured me with any certainty - I am not in a position to make those claims, but it is helping me with my state of mind which effects the psychosomatic aspects of my body.
  6. TroubledSole

    TroubledSole New Member

    I have suffered from IBS for some years now on and off too, and yes I definitely think there is a link - whether it is mental stimulation, or a chemical one - im fairly show IBS is better without PMO ...
  7. boston

    boston New Member

    Try an experiment. For two weeks, stop eating anything with gluten and dairy. No wheat, rye, barley, kamut, or spelt. No semolina/wheat pasta. No bread. No beer (liquor is ok, but beer contains gluten). No dairy for good measure. At the end of two weeks, reintroduce it and see what happens. I recently heard this:

    "The number of Americans with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity would fill 936 cruise ships. Passengers on 908 of those ships would not even know they had it."
  8. Niceguy

    Niceguy New Member

    Thanks for your replies.
    I strongly believe that there is a connection between IBS and emotional distress.It is quite clear PMO causes anxiety,depression,HOCD etc depending on the individual. It is also quite clear that 50%-90% IBS sufferers have some form of emotional disorder(this is well documented,google it). Also excessive masturbation does affect digestion/bowel functions which can be easily researched(as per eastern medicine and ayurveda).
    I am not saying PMO is the sole cause for IBS but In brief Emotional distress and IBS does go hand in hand!

    I am currently suffering from IBS-C and will let you guys know if i get any better.
  9. DoneAtLast

    DoneAtLast Active Member

    No experience with IBS, but some that I know that do have it say it is largely anxiety driven. So, I don't see how they could NOT be related. Curing? Dunno about that. Controlling sounds reasonable, but I'm just guessing.

    Another thought: I have occasional problems with hemorrhoids. I found that PMO made them much, much worse. They came on more often, and they stayed longer with PMO. I determined that it was a muscle thing. Sitting upright in a chair and getting all tense in that area sure isn't all that good, especially done in excess. It isn't a normal position for those muscles to be doing what they're doing. I have no idea if the same principle can apply with IBS, but it sure seems worth considering.
  10. susurrus

    susurrus Member

    IBS can also be a migraine symptom. I have it and it's caused by migraine.

    Even if you don't have headaches you can still have migraine and experience other symptoms - commonly dizziness/vertigo, IBS, restless legs and mood swings.

    I'm not saying it is for the OP, but I had IBS for years and could never identify a cause (I assumed it was stress). But for me, it seems migraine was the cause.

    I don't think it's remotely related to PMO.
  11. neale

    neale New Member

    interesting topic

    there IS a link, most certainly.

    and i'll explain why, IBS is caused by stress and anxiety 99% of the time, diet can play a part, sure. but it's more or less stress related.

    porn = guilt = stress = anxiety = stress = more anxiety = depression = health ailments = guess what? IBS amongst other things.

    i had terrible IBS, i stopped looking at porn, didn't change my diet ironically, just stopped with the porn, and changed my mindset. guess what? IBS disappeared.

    whenever i relapse, IBS re-appears. coincidence?

    by the way, i'm not relapsing, not now not ever, been clean nearly a month, it's a start, and i don't intend to go back, only mean to get better and better
  12. Niceguy

    Niceguy New Member

    hmm promising stuff @neale,Red_raja for IBS sufferers..always personal experiences are welcome..

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