Anyone tried 'Sulbutiamine'?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by amixon6, May 17, 2012.

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    The max increase in pleasure you'll see is roughly 20% if only the D1 receptors are being repaired. I don't think that is enough to drive the erections for sex. Also, if you are using the D1 receptors as the main driver for sex, the D2 receptors will still be used for sex which will probably slow down the D2 receptor density repair (not entirely sure here) just like any orgasm would.

    So I don't know if the receptor problem would be totally fixed here. As far as cycling goes, I wouldn't go longer than 4-6 weeks to be on the safe side before taking a week or two to let the dopamine levels naturally come back up. See where you are and then decide.

    I think trying this and keeping a serious journal would be a fantastic idea for the rest of the rebooters to see. I would start a separate thread since this one has a lot of posts already.
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    Well what I am saying is since your brain gets easier "daily pleasure" (From more D1 Receptors that is) your Dopamine would lower so even if you did O it wouldn't hit your D2's as hard, there by letting them multiply?? I mean, I think 5 months without a chance for any kind of O (No sex since she wont be with me) would be a great time to try this. Id love to check it out, how much is it for a 30 day supply?
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    Hey, I'm not entirely sure I understand what you are saying, but again, give it a try for a month or month and half and see what happens.

    As far as pricing, I'm not sure. It comes in a powder or capsule form, but I would go with the capsule since it apparently tastes pretty awful. Stay consistent with your doses and try to stay around .75 g per day.
  4. chopper


    Surely this can also cause depression and extreme anxiety in some people? Playing around with a dopamine switch sounds a bit risky to me. Of course I would love to speed up my reboot but I am very reluctant to try something that could send me into a downward spiral of depression. Most of us on here are depressed already because of ed . I am not trying to say that this doesnt help but I would like to hear what experts on this product can tell us about the possible side effects. I have already seen many posters here talk about suicide so you can understand my concern
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    I have PIED and have some sulbutiamine coming in the next couple of days.

    I discovered Gary's site a couple of years ago and have gone from masturbating to pornography daily to something more like weekly with many 2-3 week no porn stints. I am now 2 weeks in on a good streak and have decided to register an account here and get to 90 days at least. It's been a couple years since I've had a girlfriend and I'd like kick this addiction for good and never return to it. I really think that the fear of failure in bed has made my anxiety terrible when around women.

    Anyways, I am surprised that more people haven't tried sulbutiamine and posted about their experiences. All I have to go on is this very short abstract here . I plan on posting about my protocol and experiences with sulbutiamine and I hope that it will be a help to others.
  6. Gruznbyrg

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    My order came yesterday. I have 200mg capsules. I took 200mg at around 2pm when they arrived yesterday and then another 200mg a couple hours later. I definitely think it made me more alert and I could feel a pronounced effect. Today I took 200mg x 3 throughout the day and didn't really notice much. It seems to me to be too soon for a tolerance to have built after only one day. I took all the pills with oil (flax). All I can think is that yesterday I had a coffee which I don't do that often and I always feel when I do. Maybe the caffeine + sulbutiamine combination has more of an effect.

    Anyways, I'll continue taking the pills for a month at 600mg/d whether I feel anything or not. I'll pop in every week or so and post my thoughts.
  7. Gruznbyrg

    Gruznbyrg New Member

    Well, it's been a week so I thought I'd post an update in case anyone is curious.

    Since I have 200mg pills I've been taking 400mg in the morning often with a small coffee and little bit of flax oil before my morning run. I then take 200mg with lunch for a total of 600mg/d

    I haven't noticed any dramatic effects since the first day when I really felt up. I have been generally in a good mood though. I wake up with morning wood most mornings and a couple of times have felt a bit of random movement in the day, but the morning wood was never unusual for me. I'm skeptical about these things and am not quite sure how much of an effect it's having, but it doesn't seem to be hurting so far.

    I am at almost four weeks of no PMO which is the longest I've gone without masturbating since a very young age. My previous best no porn streak was 40 days with 20 days no MO about a year ago.

    If anyone has any ideas about dosage or timing or whether it's wise to combine the sulbutiamine with coffee or anything else to add please do.
  8. chopper


    Very interesting. Please keep updating and let us know results after 2 weeks.
  9. Gruznbyrg

    Gruznbyrg New Member

    Another update on the sulbutiamine front: It's been two and a half weeks now that I've been taking 600mg/d. Everything's still the same. I'm wondering whether the real benefit is supposed to appear when I stop taking it with the increased D1 receptor density? Anyways, I'm feeling good and am continuing strong with the no PMO.
  10. chopper


    Thanks for the update! We know the reboot is essential but these things are very interesting and I would really hope someone can make a breakthrough with something that can speed up the process of returning to normal. Some people will argue and say why cant you just wait 3 months. Well I lost my girlfriend because she didnt understand the process and many more have had the same problem. If we can make a breakthrough and put together a process that allows reboot acceleration it will spare future rebooters from the same misery. Some will also argue that a girl that doesnt stick with you is not loyal or is not for you. Well mine stuck around and we tried everything and she suffered more than she should have. These things are not easy to explain to a loving partner.
  11. Gruznbyrg

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    I'd say that if you're curious you might as well give it a shot. It cost me $12 to order a month's worth of capped sulbutiamine at 600mg/d from smartpowders. I'm most of the way through and while I can't say for sure, I think it's helped my mood/energy/concentration. It seems to be pretty mild. I wish there were more studies on its effect on psychogenic ED, but it seems to me that the science behind it is solid (increasing D1 receptor density).

    So we have a theory about PIED that relies on dopamine and I think would lead us to believe that increased receptor density should be helpful for our condition, we have a drug that has been shown to increase dopamine receptor density and we even have a study (or an abstract from a study) that claims to show that it's effective for psychogenic ED as expected. In online accounts and in my personal experience it doesn't seem to have unwanted side effects. If it interests you, go for it. It doesn't seem to be hurting me. I certainly would be interested in reading other people's accounts.

    The only thing I wonder is whether it would be harmful to someone who continues to binge. Maybe someone who better understands the PIED dopamine theory or just neuropsych in general can comment.
  12. chopper


    The only true way to see is when you have done at least 90 days or less and your ed is no longer present. I have spent a lot of money on supplements also trying different things. No so easy to get anything like that delivered where I live otherwise I would prob give it a shot out of curiosity. I do appreciate your updates though so thank you.
  13. Gruznbyrg

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    I'm not really sure that even that's the way to be certain. I mean, we can't know whether the drug had anything to do with whether I recover or not. I'd like to see more people give it a try in order to see whether a pattern can be shown. For me, I'm just content that the theory of it makes sense and that there is a study showing it helps. I'm not too sure of the value of my personal anecdote.

    I most definitely understand this. I don't have really any money to spare and I've also spent a lot over the years on this or that miracle cure. Just an FYI, I'm overseas and I requested that smartpowders be discrete in their shipment. I ordered a few things and they left the sulbutiamine off the shipment manifest, declared the shipment as a gift and listed the value of the items I ordered as very low. It got through customs no problem, but you never know with customs.

    And you are most welcome. It's nice to know that someone finds my posts interesting or helpful. I wish you success.
  14. Gruznbyrg

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    It's been a month so I thought I'd do an update.

    I've really enjoyed the last month with the sulbutiamine. I've noticed a big reduction in my social anxiety that I've had my whole life and my mood has been pretty consistently good this whole time. Did it help my PIED? I don't know and I don't think that there is any way I could know. It's also hard to say how much of the improvement in mood is down to the sulbutiamine and how much is from the noPMO. However, I believe that most of it was from the sulbutiamine because I've had periods of abstinence before but didn't feel as happy and outgoing as I do now.

    This morning I woke up with an erection as I often do. Usually it goes down pretty immediately when I get out of bed, but this time it stayed up for a while as I went downstairs and got ready to go jogging. When I finished my jog I ended up masturbating in the shower which is the first time I've done so in 45 days. I didn't really intend to do so, so I was a little disappointed, but I'm also curious to see how I feel in the next few days. My erection wasn't 100% and if I was with a woman I don't know that it would have been adequate especially if I had to put a condom on which tends to kill it for me. However I did manage to get it up to light touch with lube and almost no fantasy (thoughts of exes did flash through my mind a couple times. I dismissed them and refocused on sensation each time, but I noticed that when the thoughts happened my erection immediately got harder). Maintaining an erection while standing has always been difficult for me so I feel that this was an interesting test.

    I wonder if I will get a continued benefit from the sulbutiamine now that I have stopped taking it because D1 receptor density should be increased and without the sulbutiamine dopamine release should no longer be reduced. It's possible that now is the time when I will see the greatest benefit.

    Anyways, I've decided to take a little break from the forum, but plan to check back in in a week or so and make one final post in order to conclude my thoughts on the sulbutiamine experiment.
  15. chopper


    Thanks for the update good to see you are still going strong with the reboot. Let us know what happens next.
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    Thanks for giving us a good breakdown of how you used the sulbutiamine, how you felt, etc. From the pubmed article and Sak's explanation of the sulbutiamine, you should see the benefits once your natural dopamine levels come back up. Keep us posted!
  17. Gruznbyrg

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    I've been off the sulbutiamine a while so I thought I'd post about how I'm doing. I loved the sulbutiamine and felt very happy and outgoing while on it. It also gave me a little boost in the morning to get me out on my morning jog.

    I was hoping that I'd see even more benefit once I'd stopped taking it as D1 density should be increased and dopamine should no longer be suppressed. In actuality I didn't feel much after I stopped. The slight speedy feeling from the sulbutiamine is gone and I am less outgoing in general, though still making an effort to get out there and am making some progress. I feel good and didn't notice any negatives from stopping, just that I no longer got the acute effects of the pills. I have continued to be in a good mood and am continuing with my exercising and socializing, so maybe there is continued effect. It's hard to say.

    I've masturbated a few times after 45 days of abstinence since I stopped the sulbutiamine though it hasn't been effortless and some mild fantasy has been involved. So, while I thoroughly enjoyed sulbutiamine's effects, it didn't give me a super dick or anything, though I haven't had anyone to test it out with. I've decided to go back to abstaining from MO for the next few months. You can check out my spreadsheet in my signature if you want to know the details :)

    I have another bottle of sulbutiamine that I ordered at the same time as the first that I'm looking forward to using sometime soon, but I'm giving myself a break for the moment. I got both bottles because it was cheap and I wasn't sure how I was going to dose it at first. Going by the weight based formulas used in past research as listed on wikipedia I would be using a gram and a half a day (I'm 193cm and quite large), but going from manufacturer recommendations I ended up just using 600mg/d which was a little subtle, but I definitely felt. A smaller man using the same recommended dosage might get a greater effect.

    tldr: I enjoyed the sulbutiamine. I feel fine after stopping. It didn't give my dick super powers. It might possibly be continuing to contribute to my good mood. Would and will take again.

    P.S. I really encourage anyone who's curious to give it a shot. It's cheap and reputably safe. It's sold over the counter in France :) The research seems to show that it should be helpful for us. I want to read other people's accounts!
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    I tried it for 4 days, 300mg tablets twice a day with a fatty meal.

    My counters below are accurate. Day 18 to 23 of no intercourse I tried Sulbutiamine.

    Felt more horny, morning wood return, penis very sensitive, increased Flaccid penis size.

    Tempted to MO.

    Stopped it for now will wait until maybe month 3 and restart.

    I do not want to rely on a pill to get hard.
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    any more updates?
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    Anybody else using this?
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