Anyone tried 'Sulbutiamine'?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by amixon6, May 17, 2012.

  1. jva85

    jva85 New Member

    I ordered some out of curiosity. I'm flatlining right now, so it would be interesting to see what this does. I just don't want to be too horny too quick, which might cause a relapse. I might wait to start taking this until I feel I'm a little more stable on my own.
  2. jj314

    jj314 Guest

    This would seem like it would speed up the recovery process more than anything. It's not a cure for PMO addiction but I think it will make you get over porn a lot quicker than doing it without supplementation. Imagine not having to wait 90 days and instead 30? Once I get some cash I'm going to give this a shot.
  3. MyUserName

    MyUserName New Member

    I am really interested in finding out if the effects people are having are sustainable changes even after stopping Sulbutiamine.

    Anyone completed a course yet and got off?
  4. miserycastle

    miserycastle New Member

    Reading this almost killed my reboot. As soon as I saw that a drug could cure my ED issues, my brain was screaming at me to turn off my porn filters and start beating off.

    But this drug does seem interesting though, and I would love to know how you guys are getting on with the supplement. I'm going to pick some up next week and give it a try. If it works, then I'll give it a thumbs up and post a comment. If not, then I'll probably just throw my computer out the window.

    Time for a cold shower...
  5. frustratedman

    frustratedman New Member

    NOT CURE! help recover! You still need to not PMO! or I'm sure it'll just get worse again even if it does take a minute.
  6. jva85

    jva85 New Member

    No PMO is still required to get over your addiction. As I previously said, I don't want to be supplementing the rest of my life to get it up. Just because you might be able to get it up all the time by taking Sulbutiamine doesn't mean you can keep going with PMO. Once you stop Sulbutiamine I'm sure your brain will go right back to the beginning if you continue PMO. It's pretty much just another ED drug, but if you use it in conjunction with no PMO, then you can eventually stop taking it and be cured of your ED.

    That's why I'm scared to start taking it. I don't want it giving me this extra boost of confidence that will make me think I'm fine, then cause a relapse. It's probably safest to start using it once you have made it through some of the toughest parts of the reboot process on your own.
  7. frustratedman

    frustratedman New Member

  8. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    basically itll halp speed up your recovery with the program. i think it should if you took it for about a month w/o pmo its effects would last. i have gone 1 week at most without pmo so far when taking sulbuthiamine and my erection status was perfect then. if i PMO i mit get quasi boners still later that day, but in about 2-3 days my boners are back.
  9. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    i wouldn't say its 'just another ED drug' it works so much differently than viagra or things like that. it works on your brain and nervous system, not your dick.
  10. bigproblem

    bigproblem New Member

    Please tell us where you ordered. The url of the brand and product would be great! For both products Sulb, and cit.

  11. Noagra

    Noagra New Member

    Is a prescription needed for this? What exactly do you buy? Which dosage have you guys bee taking?
  12. frustratedman

    frustratedman New Member

    probably the internet, I got some on amazon.
  13. jva85

    jva85 New Member

    You can find it on amazon, that's where I bought it, along with a scale. I got mine yesterday, and took 250 mg last night and 250 mg this morning. No noticeable affect yet, and it makes me want to gag when I take it. The serving size on the package says to take 750 mg, but I'm not sure I'd be able to stomach that.

    Any good way to mask the taste? Thinking about mixing it with my protein shake, but I'm not sure that would help. Is it best to take this on an empty stomach or take it with food?

    I'll keep taking it for a couple weeks and see what happens. It does seem to make you a little more 'awake', and other people have noticed this as well from the comments on amazon. I'm not going to test myself to see if it has any effect on porn induced ED, but if I feel like it's helping in the slightest then I'll post more details. Too early to tell yet.
  14. forevergone

    forevergone New Member

    where do you get these pills?
  15. jva85

    jva85 New Member

    It's powder, and as I said above, you can find it on Amazon.

    Here's an interesting post on another forum about Sulbutiamine. Don't just read the first post, but also the second. The first post scares you into thinking this is dangerous stuff, whereas the second post puts a different spin on it.

    I'm starting to get this cloudy feeling in my head right now as I'm typing this haha. It kind of feels like I'm slightly intoxicated. Not sure I want to continue taking this stuff right now. Might want to read up more on it before continuing.
  16. superduper

    superduper break the chains of porn

    I'm going to try this as well and I'll post my results.
    I'm at day 37 and I'm not getting the results as fast as I'd like.
    I know that the problem still lies with my dopamine mechanisms, so I'm hoping this will speed up the process. I'll only do a small dose and take it very carefully.

    And of course, this doesn't affect my no PMO. I haven't cared about PMO for awhile now. I just really need to get my libido and energy back.
  17. bigproblem

    bigproblem New Member

    I would like for us to agree on what we need to take, quantities and the urls.

    I want to buy it and try it.
  18. jva85

    jva85 New Member

    You can buy it here:

    I bought 30 grams. I didn't want to get too much. The packaging says to take 750 mg per serving. However, since it tastes so bad, and other people on Amazon have reported that 750 mg may be too much, I am only taking 500 mg per day (250 when I wake up, and 250 in the evening). I honestly am not feeling much different, but I have noticed a few things. I've been a little more energetic and focused on specific tasks. Normal daily tasks, however, I seem to be forgetting or switching days mistakenly. This could be coincidence, lack of sleep, or other factors, but I'm just reporting them anyways. I have had periods of cloudy thoughts, but this could be attributed to no PMO too.

    I really don't think we need to agree on quantities. It's going to be different for certain people. Some seem to notice positive results at low dosages, while others take the full dosage and don't notice anything. I say just order some from Amazon (linked above) if you are interested, and start out with a low dosage for the first few days. I'm going to up my dosage starting tomorrow to see if that has any effect. I may just take all 750 mg at one time too, although I'm not sure I can stomach that. It does taste pretty bad, and could kill your appetite.

    As far as helping with ED... I really don't know. I have no way of testing it right now, and I'm not going to test myself. I really have no urges, and have been flatlining for a while now, so it may or may not be helping. Anyone else that's taking it care to comment?
  19. bigproblem

    bigproblem New Member

    Lets wait for amixon6 to answer. He seemed to be getting results. Except I don't know how he could get results so quick. If it lowers dopamine production, it would mean that you would be getting less or no boners at the beginning. Waiting for your receptors to adjust. And then when you get off sulbitiamine. Your dopamine will go up and your receptors will be very sensitive. Thats how I perceive it. He said he had boners in a few days., So I dont understand.
  20. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    People can do whatever they like, but taking a drug to speed up a process which is all about getting back to your natural balanced state seems pretty crazy to me. IMO, if you can't wait just 3 short months for your mind and body to heal, then you might be the person that needs to heal the most.

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