Anyone tried 'Sulbutiamine'?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by amixon6, May 17, 2012.

  1. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    it apparently is a nootropic used for 'psychogenic' ED.

    "In addition to its action on cholinergic and glutamatergic transmission, the administration of sulbutiamine reduces the release of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex, which increases the density of D1 dopamine receptors through a compensatory mechanism"

    do you think this would work for our problem?
  2. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    i ordered some. ill let yall know how it goes when i get it.
  3. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    "Twenty patients with psychogenic erectile dysfunction received the drug enerion (Hungary). After a 30-day course of enerion erectile function improved in 16 of the above patients. A mean value of the international index of erectile function (IIEF) increased in them from 17.5 to 24.8 points. Improvement of cavernous arterial blood flow after the treatment was seen in 3 of 6 patients with arterial disorders. As shown by electromyographic examinations, cavernous electric activity normalized in 8 patients. Thus, psychogenic erectile dysfunction can be effectively treated with enerion."
    Dmitriev DG, Gamidov SI, Permiakova OV.
  4. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    i'm getting multiple boners a day since i'vee been taking this in addition to citicoline for the past 3 days. i've also cut out tv caffeine and fatty foods from my life.
  5. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Very interesting.

    Is it "natural"?

    Are there any side effects?
  6. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    i've experienced no negative side effects. i've just felt better and it's made me sleep less ( i usually oversleep like 10-12 hours, but ive been getting normal 6-8 hour sleep). citicoline is natural i believe. sulbuthiamine on the other hand is a synthetic derivitive of thiamine, the b vitamine.
  7. frustratedman

    frustratedman New Member

    Been taking citicoline after you posted about it for around a week now, noticed maybe some new activity downstairs, but maybe it's just me getting further and further away from my porn use.... I just ordered some sulbutiamine last night. Thanks for the tips.
  8. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    okay. this stuff i'm gonna be straight up, i'm having trouble keeping away from porn and masturbation lately, ive had a couple of relapses. but before i took sulbuthiamine on a daily basis after a relapse i might no notice any activity down stairs for weeks! well with sulbuthiamine i wait one day and BAM i'm back to bonerville. i'm talking going from having nothing going on downstairs without me masturbating or watching porn to having multiple random boners a day and instant boners when i see girls in public. sulbuthiamine is the ultimate cure for porn related ED i'm convinced!!!!!!!!!! pleease do yourself a favor and get some. i'd like to not masturbate for a month whilr i'm taking it but havnt been able to do so so far, but i still get hard random erections!!!!!!!!
  9. RunDroogieRun

    RunDroogieRun New Member

    I'm skeptical here in general, but I really don't see how this is different from just getting a bunch of viagra or something like that. I think most of us here don't want to just have erections, but the normal healthy adult libido that goes to produce them. Also, I don't see how taking this drug would deal with the notorious negative mental effects of PMO (brain fog, etc.).
  10. frustratedman

    frustratedman New Member

    Well, the idea is that you'd still quit PMO, but the supplement would enable you to, I don't know, get hard with a partner in the mean time. This has been my biggest frustration, is that I don't feel like I'm addicted to PMO, as I have no PMO cravings, but I still have Porn induced ED, and while I'm sure every day I avoid PMO is making me better, in the meantime the inconsistency of my erection with a partner is incredibly frustrating. I've even considered getting some viagra or something as sort of a crutch for partners during my reboot, but something like this would be preferable depending on the mechanisms of operation.

    I seem to have read mixed reviews on sulbutiamine though, it seems that it works by upping your dopamine levels, which I think is counterproductive and will keep your reboot from progressing.
  11. UK User

    UK User New Member

    Hi there,

    Are you taking sulbuthiamine in conjunction with anything else?

    I'm guessing you are a US based user too? I'm UK.

  12. jva85

    jva85 New Member

    What does it mean "reduces the release of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex"? Reduces dopamine released during arrousal? During O? Just reduces dopamine released in general?

    I'm kind of skeptical about this, but I can see how it might be helpful during a reboot to have intercourse with your partner. If it wouldn't mess up any progress or healing of your dopamine receptors, then it might be a great thing to try. I'm going to have to look this up. I still think in the long run it's probably best to let your brain heal on it's own, letting your dopamine receptors go back to their natural state... But who knows, this drug might actually help speed up the process.

    I'm interested to see more updates on this.
  13. jj314

    jj314 Guest

    Can you please keep us updated? I'm willing to give this a shot.
  14. jva85

    jva85 New Member

    I have to say though that, although it might help balance out your dopamine receptors faster, the addiction won't go away nearly as quick. Addiction recovery takes time, and that's all there is to it. So no PMO would still be required. I wouldn't want to be supplementing the rest of my life to get it up. So taking this in ADDITION to no PMO might be a good thing. Just don't relapse because you feel like you are healed.
  15. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    sulbuthiamine does not increase dopamine production, it actually decreases the amount of dopamone in your brain so it helps. and no i havnt been depressed or anything while taking it.
  16. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

  17. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    check out how it works on your brain chemistry. viagra just helps people with nonpsychogenic erectile dysfunction. this stuff gets prescribed to people with mind based erectile problems.
  18. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    that is my problem. i am still striving for a full reboot. tho this gives me confidence to talk to girls in the meantime, knowing that if one thing does indeed lead to another ill be able to have a hard dick instead of saying 'well actually i cant get my dick up because im rebooting from porn right now so ill call you in 2 months"
  19. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    my theory with taking this is that it would speed up the process of getting my dopamine recpetors back to normal and it seems to be working.
  20. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    "Arcalion helps the tired organs to recover its mental and physical capacities."

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