anyone quit the internet/facebook usage.. benefits please help! I am addicted

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by sportf190, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. sportf190

    sportf190 Guest

    I know I am addicted and am currently on day 31 of NO FAP and this is my next addiction I am sick of. I hate how i was in cancun 2 weeks ago and all I can think about is what pictures to take to Update on my Facebook.. that is sad and pathetic. I also use the internet every morning afternoon and evening and spend waste way to much time on it when I can be making more money for my business, or doing new skills and hobbies. I have recently picked up Salsa and love it and want to do more! I need some motivation that I do have a problem and my first step is to deactivate facebook for 30 days.. next step is to replace mindless browsing on forums, articles .. etc with books, new hobbies, and business ideas.. who here has had success overcoming this addiction and what benefits have you saw?
  2. fake_username

    fake_username New Member

    You've pretty much got the right idea when you say that you'll have more time for all the things you want to do in life after a break from the internet! I spent close to two months this summer without using more than an hour or so every couple of days, and the results were certainly noticeable.

    I had more time to spend doing the things I love.
    My daily experiences were much more rewarding.
    I was more outgoing, confident, and better and communicating.
    I became physically healthier (as a result of not sitting for extended periods of time).

    Unfortunately, I'm falling back into internet addiction again but having seen the benefits of breaking this habit I'm going to cut back drastically once more.
  3. sportf190

    sportf190 Guest

    awesome yeah, I think the big thing is facebook too this is definitely such an addiction not just me but a lot of people.. I read about this in steve paulinas blog about how he did the 30 day fast and had awesome results..

    Here is what I plan to replace this with

    learning how to Flip cars.
    Learning spanish
    salsa class!
    clean house ! Not leaving things around this is huge..
    maybe a puppy?
    daily walks.
    reading my personal development books more

    any other ideas to keep me offline and busy!
  4. fake_username

    fake_username New Member

    My best advice is to plan activities that you have to do away from your home, or with other people if possible. Personally even when I set goals for myself to get me away from the internet, if I'm in my house or not doing something with someone else then I tend to revert to the internet. If you're a student or work online, then this is definitely tricky.

    But I think those are great replacements and if you can start easing them into your schedule you'll make big progress. I find that interacting with people replaces some of the dopamine that internet surfing gives. This is great if you're learning Spanish and can find people to communicate with or travel. I learned Spanish awhile ago and it helped with many areas of my life, and now I'm trying to pick up some Chinese because I definitely feel that language makes you more focused in all aspects as a person.

    I'll had to read that blog. I'm sure this is something that everyone can benefit from, and it can only do good!
  5. rcfergie5

    rcfergie5 Guest

    I am truly addicted to Facebook. And that's definitely where my approval seeking behavior is fed all the time. And so not only am I getting off Facebook tomorrow, I'm also getting off the 'net the same day, for the whole month. And replace them with real social interaction with people. I'm very sure anyone who spends a lot of time offline would benefit from it.
  6. sportf190

    sportf190 Guest

    did it yesterday, 30 days of no facebook I will then start up a new profile with just people i know.. Feel better already as I think it brought out the worst in me as I would just do things for Facebook status updates and too look cool.. yea sad I know but I must say NO fap has giving me the realization of this... will keep you guys updated on this..
  7. Serge

    Serge New Member

    I tried the 10 days without internet challenge a few weeks ago and noticed that unless you willingly do other activities it is very easy just to fill the internet void with something else mindless like video games or TV show marathons.

    I hid my internet USB and after an hour or so of nothing I started to do things that I had been meaning to do for a while such as reading a few screenplays and books, going to more parties/socializing and generally just not wasting my day away.

    I would recommend you try going cold turkey for a fortnight or so. I would like to again but I can't simply leave it behind because I'm a student and the internet is pretty important but I should get into the habit of cutting down again.

    Try downloading the "Stay Focused" add-on if you use Google Chrome, it is very helpful.
  8. ortegaso

    ortegaso Just like spongebob, optimistic and cheerful.

    I was addicted to facebook due to farmville. I would spend 3 to 4 hours at a stretch on FB playing farmville. I realized that more I spend time of FB playing or otherwise, I am falling back on human interaction and socializing.

    One day I just decided to stop playing farmville and other games and also to login FB once in a week (only on friday's)
    It came at a cost. I started missing birthday dates of my friends, a lot of online interaction came to halt.
    But it increased the offline interaction.

    Although my internet usage has not reduced as I practice and study chess at online clubs. I am even curbing the amount of time spent on online chess to a healthy minimum. 5 games a day of 10min/game(each player has 10 min on the clock) = 100 mins = 1 hr: 40min + another 20 mins to check imp mails and updates.
  9. rcfergie5

    rcfergie5 Guest

    I've drastically cut Internet use, and now I'm online twice a week rather than every single day. And that's a big improvement, even though I still spend a few hours online.
  10. DiamondD

    DiamondD New Member

    I'm trying to do No Facebook/YouTube as well as no porn. Only been 2 days of no FB and I have become acutely aware of how much I automatically launched those pages.

    My motivation was to get more time to do other things that I like more. My justification for keeping the use of Facebook was always that I was following the videos and blog posts of some experts in my field...well then I decided that I can get much better info from their books, which I own right now.

    I was consuming so much content in little snippets but retaining almost none of it. I decided to make the switch.

  11. lacerda

    lacerda New Member

    I have been 3 years or so without faceook, just msn, until last year. now i have almost 1 year using facebook. i became addicted very quickly. checking it for hours. daily, morning, night
    I started looking for hot chicks and she-males and edging, saying its no porn, but almost every "sexy photo" made me almost cum(no semen)
    so today, the day I started making drastic changes first thing I did was to close my facebook.
    I guess ill be fine. :(
  12. sportf190

    sportf190 Guest

    Hey Lacerda would you like to do this with me ? I am blocking facebook from my PC and only having it open for people to get in touch with me, so I will have an email be sent to me if they message me or request me ... WHO IS UP FOR THIS CHALLENGE :)
  13. lacerda

    lacerda New Member

    im already there Sportf. No facebook at all for me, not procastinate anymore in badoo or facebook, go ahead! it has been easy and tempting to make some posts. Howeer i always get a good time in 9gag browzing phunny posts, becasue of the same opioid, endorfins rewward, more healthier than porn at least
  14. cikatomo

    cikatomo New Member

    i did

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