Anyone MGTOW?

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by Amaris, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Amaris

    Amaris Member

    Hey everyone,

    Just trying to gauge how much (if any) interest there is in the MGTOW (red pill) movement on this forum.

    Anyone interested in MGTOW and going their own way from Women in SOME degree?
  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Interesting. Especially for love and porn addicts
  3. Amaris

    Amaris Member

    The key for me lies somewhere in the middle.

    On one end is the love and marriage and idealistic end and the other end is pure MGTOW and woman hating.

    The middle ground for me is not chasing women to my detriment, being rejected, submitting to marriage (bad business deal for men) and even relationships.
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  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Yeah, I think this movement can easily turn into being a dickhead towards women, hating them for not wanting us while doing nothing to be a better man, etc.

    But your definition of the middle sounds like the approach I was thinking about. It's not specific to MGTOW, it's just one aspect of spiritual growth in my opinion.
  5. ls558

    ls558 Member

    I can agree to what they claim to be, which is to live by an individualistic philosophy. Why not do what you want with your life?

    Unfortunately it looks like the movement was hijacked by extremists and PUA types, who just bitch about hating women and talking about using women for their bodies. It doesn't really appeal to me anymore for these reasons. It happens to any movement. Look at what happened to feminism, vegetarianism, social justice in general. All extremists now who drive rational, moderate people away.
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  6. Amaris

    Amaris Member

    Yeah for sure. I think leaving Woman-hate out of it is a good idea. Although some try to shame men who want to stay out of relationships on reddit, youtube etc. I think each person is entitled to follow their happiness and to a degree considering a larger percentage of modern western women and feminism I think the odds are stacked ever greater against Men so in some ways I don't blame them.

    My only issue arises with porn addiction and the eventual need for sexual outlet. If one is avoiding women then it might be more dangerous considering you could use porn to fill the gap. That said nothing wrong with being a monk for a short while. In fact these days a lot of people feel something is wrong with them if they aren't chasing girls 24/7.
  7. ls558

    ls558 Member

    There is a lot more to life than gratifying your lust. If all you think about is sex, then that is the problem. It's also problematic to think of women as just an outlet for sex that replaces your porn habit. They're real people. Getting involved with another person encompasses a lot more than sex, and as soon as you forget that you're heading for a disaster scenario.

    Modern feminism could be pointed at as the catalyst to create this MGTOW movement for sure. It has become impossible for the man to "win", so what did everyone expect? For men to just bend over and take it? Of course not, they're going to rebel against the system eventually.
  8. Amaris

    Amaris Member

    Erudite points my man.

    It is almost like withdrawal for me to simply not be looking at women in the street. But there is almost a cleansing feeling that comes with that. :)
  9. bucketter

    bucketter Guest

    I'm not up to date on my ybop acronyms.. What is MGTOW?
  10. Londoner

    Londoner Well-Known Member

    Men Going Their Own Way. It's not related to porn as such, though I can see why it might lead to more porn use as Amaris suggests.
  11. mik

    mik Guest

    When I first got into mgtow, I was watching yt vids from guys like Sandman, and Turdflinging Monkey. They sounded so sure of themselves that I almost believed some of their ridiculous generalizations about women.

    Then I started watching content from Karen Straughn and eventually Stefan Molynuex. They embody a much more neutral/rational way of thinking than the majority of mgtow, as a lot of the mgtow movement seems to have become rather self destructive.

    For me the key point to take away from the mgtow movement is the fact that women are people, not angels fallen from heaven as we all would have liked to continue to believe. They are people, and some people really suck. Some people will screw you over for seemingly no reason, and many people will put their own interests ahead of others.

    Women have their own set of goals and ideals in life, and unfortunately they don't always mesh with the goals and ideals of men. Life would be rather lonely without women though, from the perspective of a man :)
  12. Amaris

    Amaris Member

    Agree mostly.

    This is my favourite MGTOW video EVER... all about self-improvement rather than bitching about women and their irrational bullshit haha
  13. Londoner

    Londoner Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting that video. To summarise, his seven things to prioritise above women are:
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Artistic growth
    [*]Intellectual growth
    [*]Health and fitness
    [*]Spiritual growth (emotions rather than logic)
  14. Amaris

    Amaris Member

    I think that's pretty good guidance for any Man to be honest, whether he favours MGTOW or not.

    Girls love it (subconsciously) when you have your own strong life with your own shit going on. Ideally you should be dragging her (and she should want to be dragged) into your fun life with your interests and hobbies etc.
  15. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Yeah. This version of MGTOW is about being a whole, mature and healthy adult. Relationships should only come on top of that.
  16. mik

    mik Guest

    Good stuff :)
  17. breath

    breath Active Member

    All things listed are great to pursue.

    I would add that such things need not be prioretized or rated. For ones life to be balanced, and also fullfilling on an individual plane ... it's better to look for an analog amorphous unquantifiable balance and chemistry which integrates even those things which could be mistaken as opposing or contradictory.

    do feel often that many of us lament about what we haven't experienced and write ourselves a script full of excuses..

    in my case I realized after years that me getting emotionally kicked around within my marriage was not a reason for things which I hadn't attained.... rather the resentment my occupation - where i spent my energy instead of actively driving my life goals and my own inention imparted on relationships. A cop out.

    In fact once I found a better healthier view the tragedy and dysfunction which defined my marital relationship became plastic and my personal goals / potential / career started magically getting realized
  18. ChrisHaven

    ChrisHaven Member

    First off MGTOW is not synonymous with the red pill.

    Next, every client of mine who has identified with MGTOW usually has a PMO issue and is severely underachieving in multiple areas of his life while harboring deep set negative views about women, society, as well as uncertainty about their definition of masculinity.

    My personal( and professional opinion) is that it is not the best movement for anyone who is struggling with PMO to identify with.
  19. mik

    mik Guest

    Can you expand on why mgtow isn't synonymous with the red pill? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on both, and your own personal definition of mgtow, and the red pill.

    Personally, I'm doing just fine in life, having recently developed the motivation to achieve many of my goals related to controlling porn, controlling alcohol, improving physical fitness, engaging in relationships with and trusting in women, but I (and my therapist) don't dismiss the mgtow philosophy out of hand.

    Certainly there are mgtow extremists (watch some of turd flinging monkey's yt vids if you want to know what I view as extreme), but there are certainly plenty of sound minded individuals that I have met in my personal life who identify with the mgtow philosophy/movement.

    I think the redpill in this scenario, is the realization that men and women both have conscious desires, and subconscious desires, and often these desires are at odds with each other.
    Mgtow is simply a reaction to the above realization. Some aspects of life and law are unfairly slanted towards women, and others unfairly slanted towards men, mgtow simply provides the tools to regain balance in your life.

    It's funny, I used to think that this mgtow movement is kind of silly, and that these kinds of things just aren't likely to happen to me, but I tell you a recent story that further changed my mind, and solidified mgtow as a life path for me.
    I live in Canada, and I never would have thought that the divorce laws and legal system were slanted in favor of women here, I always maintained a certain level of cognitive dissonance, "that sort of thing only happens in the US", i'd tell myself.

    Recently I was talking to a buddy of mine in the laundry room at my apt building, he's 60 years old and I thought he had simply chose to live the single bachelor life.
    Today I casually asked if he is still working, or retired, and his response was "I'll be working until I'm 80, got to pay off that 200000$ after what she did to me.

    I was shocked, I had no idea divorces got this messy here in Canada.
    He continued to tell the story. Essentially he had spent 12 years married to this woman, and only in the last 2 did he notice the relationship was going downhill. At some point during those last couple years his neighbor informed him that a strange vehicle/man was visiting his house at night, while he was away working. He eventually went back home from work one night and confirmed the presence of this visitor for himself.

    It turned out his wife was cheating on him, though she wouldn't admit it to his face at first, not until he told her he was leaving and never coming back. Later on his lawyers told him that he didn't have much chance of winning the divorce settlement, and he is now paying off the house, car, etc all by himself.

    Here's the best part, his wife had to admit that she cheated on him twice as part of the divorce settlement, it was written into the contract, and yet she gets the house, and the car, and he gets to pay for it, because his lawyers told him it was the best course of action to avoid paying costly legal fees only to likely lose in court. That's the wonderful world of no fault divorce for you, it's not her "fault", that another dick found it's way into her vagina ;)

    So, go ahead, convince me my reluctance to get married and/or co-habitate with a woman is silly, maybe if you have a reasonable argument for it, then I might agree. Otherwise, I'm more than happy to be going my own way, spending time with women when I choose to, and keeping my savings account intact.

    That is of course just one example of the issues facing men, and why it pays to be cautious when pursuing women. All women are not bad people, they are not evil, nor are they all incapable of overcoming their subconscious nature. Some of them are bad people, some of them don't wan't to fight their lesser nature, and some of them are all to happy to use certain unfair legalities to their advantage to screw over men.
  20. newguy1

    newguy1 Member

    MGTOW make a good argument.. I'm all for having friendships with girls, casual sex, sex with working girls (those who do it voluntarily), but having a 'real' relationship or marriage is like surrendering your masculinity imho. Who in their right mind would want to be in a relationship? If you want sex you can also find it outside a relationship. If you want female company you can also find it outside a relationship. Having a relationship means giving all your freedom away and throwing away your masculinity and independence/freedom.
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