Anyone here suffer from Acne?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by LiLj, Jun 26, 2016.

  1. LiLj

    LiLj New Member

    Anyone here suffer from Acne? I think Acne was a score of my PMO because I felt like I'm disgusting and I just stay home throughout my high school and college :(. I been working hard on not using that as a excuse again.
  2. OU812

    OU812 New Member

    Your body/diet is most likely too acidic. And your Gut Health is probably sub-par. Add in some Hydrochloric Acid supplementation to optimize digestion. That really is the trifecta to optimal health. Your body is only as healthy as your Gut.

    Read up on Acidity to Alkalinity balance within the body.
  3. LiLj

    LiLj New Member

    Wow you been PMO free for 3 years? I'm going to give a strict vegan diet a try just seeing if someone else has other ideas. I don't think a simple supplement is going to solve a problem.
  4. OU812

    OU812 New Member

    You can think whatever you want dude. I speak from experience.

    Take it...or leave it. I don't care either way.

    Cheers !
  5. Wabi-sabi

    Wabi-sabi Imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete

    If it's mild acne, try cutting chocolate out of your diet. That stuff gives me zits.

    Also, try washing with a tea trea oil soap. You can buy fancy antibacterial face wash, but I think tea trea is just as good.

    If it's cystic acne - the real bad stuff - look into prescription medication like Accutane. I know there's been a class action lawsuit against it, but that stuff works. (My wife took it for a time. . . no side effects, just an instant solution.)
  6. pieterarons15

    pieterarons15 Member

    Nope something much worse eczema

    isn't that bad at least i am not handicapped
  7. Complex

    Complex Member


    Could you elaborate?, not arsed atm because tired lol. I've suffered with spots and nothing seems to get rid fully. Its very mild but it can be sore and sometimes there can be multiple on chin.

    Whether its from being young and face changing i dont know. Ive went long periods of time without junk food and sugar and still was there. I agree your gut is very important.
  8. wilder

    wilder Member

    I think most of us have "suffered from acne" at some point in our life :p

    On a serious note, I certainly do. I believe I get it because I exercise much more these days. I combat it through both acne scrub and cleanser and oil-free products for things like moisturizer and sunscreen. Have you ever tried these products?

    You also might want to take note of how much you touch places where you have acne.. any oil on your hands will promote acne.
  9. OU812

    OU812 New Member

    Elaborate on what part?
  10. OU812

    OU812 New Member

    Acne is an external sign of an internal problem.

    Just an FYI...I rarely wash my face. Basically only after I shave every few days. And I never get any type of breakout. Why? Because I corrected the internal issues that were the root cause.
  11. RebornAgain

    RebornAgain Beating my addiction one day at a time.. Staff Member

    Vitamin B3 Niacin is also a great choice for acne and skin health
  12. jonnynofap

    jonnynofap New Member

    I can also vouch for B3 Niacin which helps with acne and mood among other things. Sleeping habits and showering directly after a lift are both crucial. But above all, if you're consuming ANY dairy products you're begging for acne. If you need a substitute for milk use almond milk. I'm actually shocked people still drink dairy milk at all. Cut dairy and sugars to a low. Sugar causes inflammation and is also addictive. Make a habit of lowering it and soon you won't miss it. Drink lots of water!
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  13. Lorena547

    Lorena547 New Member

    Since it's too difficult to know what causes one person to scar more than another, the best way is to avoid it and treat acne with a great skin care. Always wash your face twice a day and after sweating. Be gentle with your skin and always keep your hands off your face. Let your skin heal naturally. There are many common acne mistakes that one makes which should be avoided. I just got to read it in an article and thought to share it. Hope it might be helpful for someone.
  14. Julianna Blevins

    Julianna Blevins New Member

    That's okay. Don't be sad. Acnes are normal at your age and the main factor of this is hormonal changes. And yes, there is a connection between PMO and acne so do avoid. But you can improve your acne by trying some home remedies. But along with home remedies it is very important to take care of your diet. Involve healthy, green leafy vegetables to your food. When going out see to it that you wear proper clothes that protect you from sun. Wear sunglasses so that you can protect your eyes and the area around them. You can use blended high pointed plastic fully rimmed sunglasses these are big and covers the area around your eyes.
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  15. cjm

    cjm Well-Known Member

    if its severe and you cant get rid of it any other way consider Accutane. i know its got its critics and by all means read up on it first, but that drug changed my life. Completely cleared me up and i had severe acne for years as a teen. it really affected me
  16. FreakyButPractical

    FreakyButPractical it isn't personal

    I suffer with backne (acne on my back) and take antibiotics for it namely tetralysal.
  17. edwardfrancis

    edwardfrancis New Member

    Avoid oily foods.Drink more water.Wash face with facewash atleast 2 times.
  18. YellowMinion

    YellowMinion Member

    I eliminated sugar and processed carbohydrates out of my diet (in order to lose weight) and my acne went away completely.
    I don't know what the actual biological change is, whether it's hormones, gut bacteria, sugars feeding the bacteria that cause acne, or what.
    All I can say is that I know when "cheat" and have sweets, the acne comes back.
    It's been a year of this and I've lost 47 lbs (now I'm lean again) and the acne is consistent with what I eat.

    I'm just sayin'
  19. Kranti33

    Kranti33 New Member

    Sorry to hear about that. Actually acne is really embarrassing and irritate all the time. Anyone don't want to suffer from acne. However, there have some good treatment to recover yourself from it. Few days ago I was looking for the same articles about body acne treatment. By reading that one got to know how to get rid of body acne. Here are few things should keep in mind:

    1) Skin care routines
    2) Try natural products
    3) Consider over the counter products
    4) Go for prescription medications

    Hope this could be helpful for you guy. Thanks!
  20. rebalancedboy

    rebalancedboy New Member

    i recommend volcano soap

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