Any success with sexual health supplements?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Leasurmw01, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Jimfornow

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    L-Citrulline which can get wherever supplements or weight training supplies are sold is a natural amino acid that will be converted into L-Argenine and increase nitrous oxide that increases blood circulation and can help with erections. Caution for anyone with low blood pressure or those taking medication for blood pressure. I do take medication to lower blood pressure so tried a half recommended dose but it did cause my blood pressure to drop after taking for only two days (I took one 750 mg tab in the morning and another at night when the recommendation was two for each dose) Stopped taking them for now but may try one tab once per day and check blood pressure again.
  2. John Powell

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    Just a heads up, if the effects still last till the morning you should consult your doctor. Erections lasting longer then 4 hours pose a huge medical risk. If your going to promote Levitra you should also mention the side effects such as hair loss, acne, and irritable bowl syndrome. Not pleasant, if someone is legitimately shopping around for Erectile Dysfunction pills a quick Google search shows way better websites in terms of layout and price. Pro tip, shop around. A quick look shows the price is waaayy too much. I highly doubt you honestly pay those prices consistantly like you claim. Shamelessly checking reddit shows Secure Tabs is the most popular site in terms of price and consistant service. I've had at least 5 orders go through with securetabs, all where pretty smooth. As someone who previously bought off alldaychemist (Until they jacked up their prices.) That being said I only really buy viagra, generally because its safer and I get more consistent results in the bedroom. Considering the price of viagra, anything above 35 cents a pill is not worth your time; ridiculous.

    To answer OP's question: yes, viagra helps. Typically erections last 45 minutes to an hour which is usually more then enough time to satisfy all parties involved, I've tried some testosterone boosters and most are bogus. Fixing your diet whilst wont really do anything in terms of erections will more likely improve your testosterone more then any magic pill. Plus you dont want to deal with all the side effects. Excersize, eat right; you can try some of the testosterone boosters if you want; dont be shocked if they hardly do anything. Currently doing some research on omega-3 and the effects of various supplements; alot of murky water.
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    I'll 2nd L-Citrulline! Works like a low dose of viagra/cialis. However, most people simply don't take enough to get any effect. Citrulline Malate specifically seems to be more bioavailable and recommended at 8g. 6g for pure L-Citrulline. Similar to the other drugs, be careful if you have existing low blood pressure as it can cause fainting.

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