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Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Ccman123, May 30, 2020.

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    Just relapsed after a 70 day streak. I became too comfortable these last couple days and as a result, became complacent. The next time I show up here it will be a success story. I won't be defined by pmo and pied.

    I was able to get this far because I took the steps to quit forever. I permanently deleted my social media accounts; I made sure to spend more time with my friends; I journaled every morning, and I worked out, meditated and had cold showers almost every day. What I didn't do well was I started procrastinating schoolwork and only doing things at the last possible minute; I laid in bed for hours in the morning after waking up, waiting for some spark of motivation to somehow de-paralyze me; I didn't do as much for my family as I would have liked to, and I recently, I started listening to music or watching youtube as soon as I woke up. I'm going to work on these things, and no matter what I won't give in to the chaser effect.
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    I also wanted to add that this past streak has conquered A LOT of my triggers. It seems that after every long streak, I've conquered another area of this monster. After spending a full days processing my relapse, I'm now realizing just how much I've grown, despite not having my pied cured. I'm incredibly motivated to keep trying.
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    I've been feeling pressure around my right temple and I have felt this once before, when I was deep into my last streak. I'm curious if I can physically feel my brain rewiring or if this is just a coincidence and unrelated.

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