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    I've tried rebooting many times and every time I end up giving in around a month in. My last reboot went 28 days and I ended up losing to my urges a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I've been doing PMO every other day and every single time I do it, I feel immense regret, frustration, sadness and just overall defeat. I've never told anyone about my struggles but I hope that by typing this it will give me a place to come back to every time my cravings are too strong to simply walk off like I did in my previous reboots.

    Reasons why I need to reboot so badly:

    -My confidence is completely wiped out when i'm doing PMO regularly.
    -I feel less motivation to work towards my goals
    - I don't feel the same way I used to towards a girl I like (I only think of them sexually not romantically)
    - I miss the comfort of being in a relationship
    - I never approach girls I like and even if they approach me, I'm very dismissive towards them because I know that with PIED, I will just disappoint them.
    - I have very low self-respect
    - Brain fog
    - Numbed emotions
    - Scared to try knew things because of my low confidence.

    Things I want to achieve during my reboot:

    - Get back into the habit of working out every day
    - Get outside a lot more
    - Learn a few songs on the piano
    - Meditate every morning (extremely important)

    My goal for this reboot is 30 days, and once I get there I will add onto the things I want to achieve, and continue to push forward.

    I will be starting university in the fall and I don't want to feel the same ways I felt throughout high school. I want to really start living my life and feel everything to the fullest.

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