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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by WastedYouth, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. WastedYouth

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    Five PIV cum orgasms last night with my beautiful gf over a period of 8 hours or so with a refractory time of an hour or so on separate occasions. Sessions were around 10-15 minutes before I blew my load with a full erection. So far so good and this was after a big meal and red wine. She is super. Went for a sixth session but both of us were sore.
  2. Saville

    Saville Well-Known Member

    Five orgasms? What the fuck, dude! :D That's awesome!
  3. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog Well-Known Member

    5 ORGASMS!!!!!!! I think I am sore just imagining it! Good job or whatever is appropiate!
  4. WastedYouth

    WastedYouth Member

    Thanks chaps. Couldn't believe it myself, especially after feeling "spent" after the single orgasm I had earlier in the week with her. Maybe the Greek banquet we went out for on this evening prior to our evening of fun. I guess it's a journey of discovery for all of us.
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  5. WastedYouth

    WastedYouth Member

    Just some encouragement for folk who might be starting the nofap journey.
    Warning: possible triggers below.

    My recovery has been going well (by my standards anyway) and constantly improving as time goes on. I'm getting hard whenever I start fooling around with my gf and just the anticipation of sex makes the fella rise to the occasion without any sort of manual stimulation. Doggie and missionary position work well for me whereas in the past, doggie PIV would be short lived for me. My sessions usually last 10-20 minutes or so before I cum and go soft but occasionally, I have been able to get hard again and go again after a minute or two by just slowly sliding my soft penis in and out of my gfs splooged vagina which feels awesome. I agree that rewiring with a gf seems to help a lot.

    I've never felt better or more confident than I am feeling right now and I am 54yo PMO'ing on and off for nearly 40 years. My life has changed in many other ways too but mainly I feel a calmness and improved confidence that I lacked before. I'm not "super" or those other terms that get bandied about and my social confidence while much better than before, could still use some work and I think over time this will improve further but this is likely my personality. I'm OK with it.

    A slight problem now is when I get a bit "cocky" (pun intended) in bed and get into trouble with the fair maiden if I get a bit exuberant in bed and spurt out the wrong things from my mouth. I've got to watch and work on that. At any rate, she isn't complaining about the sex.

    I'll finish by saying that try and stick with the program and give it a chance.
    Most important is to not P or M if you can manage it and realise that the P aspect really fucks with you on many levels. It cost me my marriage.

  6. Saville

    Saville Well-Known Member

    Stick with the program. Well said!

    Glad things are going great, even if you are using profanity while you fuck your wench. :D
  7. WastedYouth

    WastedYouth Member

    Thanks Saville.
  8. WastedYouth

    WastedYouth Member

    Just checking in for some advice. I broke up with my last gf nearly 3 months ago and have been a no PMO/MO warrior since. Met a super hottie recently and we had sex for the first time last week. While I penetrated her, it was a somewhat less than stellar performance by my standards and I'm wondering if my dry spell since my last has anything to do with it, Eg. Use it or lose it principle. We only see each other once a week or so due to family commitments and such. She is somewhat shy but she has a model body and I think I was a bit anxious and such. I reported here that with my last gf, I could have half a dozen orgasms over a few hours with her but I was also relaxed more with her. My current angel grabbed my hard penis when we started and that was all good but maybe me being tired and having some wine stuffed me up. Anyone else experienced this when starting to get intimate with a new partner? I'm hoping this will resolve itself in due course cos this lady is a keeper and I gave her heaps of oral to keep her interested.

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