American girls vs. European girls

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by Scarface, Jun 24, 2014.

  1. Scarface

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    I think it's still fair to make a comparison between America and Europe, but if you want to really get specific about the differences that we're talking about, maybe it should be framed as "English-speaking countries vs. non-English-speaking western countries". As we've discussed, there are some common differences between cultures due to the Anglophones' specific ideas of what's considered "crude", their education level (lower in the US than in much of continental Europe, it seems), and also their rampant consumerism. I think this has an effect on people's relational behavior and dating customs.
  2. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    what is that?
    buying stuff? is there a 1st world country that does not buy stuff?
  3. WaveRace

    WaveRace New Member

    I find Filipino women where I live are usually open to being approached. Asian women are hit and miss but some can be submissive and will take it as a man stepping up.

    I find made in Canada women, particularly the makeup, lululemon, over sized purse princesses are not very open. This is a vague blanket statement, but allot of the women I see who look and try to be like a Kardasian have a grumpy guard on. The look pissed off all the time.
  4. leannfit

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    I find any women where I live being approachable. Just dont approach them in the bathroom ::)

    I find fat women usually have an attitude when you expect them to do the things their job requires them to do. An attitude, a form of indignation always seems to rear its head.
  5. Fiddler

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    C'mon, you know the difference between spending for things you need and spending just for the sake of showing off your new stuff.
  6. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    oh so spending money to a corevvete is "rampent comsumersim" and buyiung a junk car is "not"?
    so if I buy anything nice, that's "rampant consumerism"??

    NO I dont get what you are saying, thats why I asked, cause if what I just said was true, that'd be sillly
  7. Mart71

    Mart71 Guest

    Almost. Consumerism would be buying the 2010 Corvette, and then the 2011 Corvette, absolutely needing the 2012 because of the shock absorbed cupholder, then the 2013 Corvette (Hey, I got a good deal!) and now waiting for the 2014 Corvette.

    Or the "new" iPhone. Which probably happens a bit more often than the Corvette example. And would be a better example.
  8. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    you mean buying stuff you like, but don't need?
    isnt that why americans are fat? they eat food they dont need?

    The real question is WHY NOT BUYING a new year each year?
  9. der_dachs

    der_dachs Guest

    You see that would be creating a loop in space-time. Money can't buy you everything, even in the rampant consumerist republic of America.
  10. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    you seem upset that people, not just americans, buy what they want because they want to and not because they have a need

    oh hang on, my iphone 6 battery is almost dead, I'm gonna buy a new battery(see,I need it!)
    I'm not charging my dead battery, Im throwing it away ::)

    is it a waste to spend money when you have it?
    can money be spent better elsewhere? sure, but the same idea that people who buy stuff they don't need also applies to anyone who is overweight
    they don't need to buy more calories, in fact, buying and eating more calories is determental to health
    The results demonstrate significant relationships between BMI and mortality from all causes, CVD and cancer. The increased risk of all-cause, CVD and cancer mortality associated with an elevated BMI was significant at levels above 30 kg/m2; however, overweight individuals (BMI 25-29.9 kg/m2) also had an approximately 60% higher risk of CVD mortality.

    but so?
    You still come off mad/jeleaus about people who buy food/products because they want to
    but by your standards, anyone who has anything nice or is overweight, is a "rampant consumer"
    in the end, it doesnt matter, you just are upset you don't have the means to be one of us.
    life isnt fair, eh? ::)
  11. der_dachs

    der_dachs Guest

    Not at all. Faculties though, unevenly distributed as they are, are sorely missed even by many a affluent bourgeoise.


  12. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    Not at all? then why do you come off as being so upset? "Smart" guy like you, how has being smart helped you? now you can understand the world isnt fair and continue doing what you are doing, complaining and being upset about the world for what it is.
    HHAAHAHHA good luck with that, mate ;D

    note we arent aruging, I am just defining why you are upset and explaining why you being upset is so useless because your complaint is about almost everyone in 1st world nations

    in fact, I think this forum is about problems that 3rd worlds don't have? the problem is porn and access to porn. so it seems everyone on this forum is what you describe as a "rampant consumer" of porn.
    which leads to problems
    so why the self-hate? 8)
  13. Fiddler

    Fiddler Active Member

    You may need a corvette, or a ferrari or any other kind of car; you don't need one every year (because it has not broken down yet, looks still like new etc.)
    You may need to eat that slice of a cake (because you really crave it, or you have been great at dieting for weeks and deserve a treat etc.); you don't need a slice of a cake every day of your life (because of healthy reasons)
    You may need to wank to porn today (because you are depressed, you have been without a girlfriend for so long you don't even remember how it was, because you are very horny etc.); you don't need to wank to porn every fucking day of your life (because of all the reasons we all know).

    End of the OT for me (unless leannfit has more stupid questions... :) )
  14. leannfit

    leannfit New Member

    I havent asked anything, I've explained stuff though, some guys need things dumbed down.
  15. amanwed

    amanwed Member

    I am totally agree for the women made in Canada. I'm from Canada and they took themselves as a star, as an ultimate princess that never feel gratitude for simple thing. These women are never satisfy, a man is never enough good for them, etc. They have a mad attitude and don't want to be approached (especially in Quebec). They want Brad Pitt or nothing. Oh Canada!
  16. lumbre

    lumbre Guest

    The last part of this post is correct. Many British girls are emotionally shut off and downright cold, as are many guys here too. The girls here tend to lack the affectionate warmth and passion of a beautiful Hispanic lady. I am a very affectionate and passionate person, therefore I am not compatible with British girls and instead enjoy the company of warm-blooded Latinas. The only problem is that there are no Latinas where I live and I have to voyage over a whole ocean in order to meet my favorite kind of female.

    North American females are quite nice too, in spite of certain stereotypes. I have found them to be more friendly and easier to talk to than your typical unresponsive and boring British bimbo and also for me they have a more exotic and diverse beauty than your average UK broad. I personally find native girls here (UK) to be too plain, too homogenous and also quite manly and unfeminine. Maybe bulldozer broads are not just a product of Holland!

    In America on the other hand you find a lot of genetic diversity as the US is a very new country built on immigration. You find American girls with a touch of Hispanic blood giving them a healthy complexion, girls with a touch of Native American blood giving them slightly more exotic features, girls with a mixture of various European stocks meaning that American men have a lot of different types to choose from. In American cities you can generally find the type you want whatever your tastes.

    I don't know much about other European countries, I can only speak for the UK. The girls here don't impress me at all. I would prefer a cute and hearty American chick any day!
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    @leanfit, because author of the counter, crazygopher, made some changes, so that I can't have two counters, and it mixed my counter somehow. Also, MO lead to PMO
  20. NeedHelp1

    NeedHelp1 If life was easy, being happy would not be as good

    I have been living in america for 3 years now and i am from europe and yes culture does differ alot between people. But the thing you have to know is when you go somewhere they don't have to get into your culture and act with those taboos. You are. Just letting you know. ;)

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