Am i really addicted?

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by newcool, Mar 23, 2021.

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    Thank you for your post. I finally gave up. I relapsed today . since about 4 of you have told me its still the same thing since i have been watching porn ...i just thot well let me go all the way then.

    About organising my finances better, well i guess maybe that is what porn has done to me. I lack desire to want to improve, i lack desire to want to succeed. unfortunately i am a core phlegmatic temprament. on a normal day i am very laid back, allowing things to happen to me. i guess the porn addiction made that even worse for me now.

    So for me to really go on this journey, i need to cut away from porn totally, not that i watch porn a little and then not masturbate, as long as i see a naked body i have fallen . God will help me.
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    I came back to this forum and i wanted to raise the first post again about asking myself if i am really addicted but i have gotten the answers i needed already from the answers to the first post. things are still same with me as per watching porn maybe once or twice a month. but things got worse in the marriage as the financaily issues became bigger and more embarrasing. and with wifey now working another state...the last time we had sex was over 4 months ago. she comes home once in a while but when she comes home she already has pent up anger in her so theres no communication and no thot of sex at all and on my side too since i have been abused so many times verbally from her...i have little or know interest in any intimacy again .if my wife could use such angry words and abusive languages at me then obviously i am worth nothing to her......i will continue to fight the addictions and thanks once again to the nuggets on the first post i made here....they are good and i will work on them....will visit here more often again to read more stories of people. I am thinkng of creating a whatsapp group or telegram group where people struggling with porn can discuss or if anyone knows of such group please send me the link.

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