Almost 2 years in and still low libido and going soft

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    As the title says I'm almost 2 years free of pmo and the entire journey has been the same - feeling flatlined with little sexual desire for a few weeks then suddenly I can get aroused pretty easily for a few days?

    It has been this cycle since I quit pmo almost 2 years ago with no light at the end if the tunnel I'm currently in a relationship and have been since the start but this constant fluctuation in libido is really starting too take an effect of me and my relationship.

    Too explain further I feel like for maybe 2 weeks straight that I have very little desire for sex or anything sexual then I'll suddenly wake up one day feeling more sexual - not really horny like I felt when I done pmo but just able too get an erection much easier and maintain it much better. During these times (which last between 1 and 3 days MAX apart from a few occasions I will explain in a minute) I've had some great sex where I can stay hard for like 20 to 30 minutes but when I feel flatlined it will literally be 80% max then go soft after a few seconds.

    I've experimented with not orgasming for long periods which seem too prolong the period in which I feel more aroused like if I don't orgasm during sex I can just about push the higher libido too about 6 or 7 days before it drops back into oblivion. I've tried pelvic floor exercises even reverse kegels to relax the pelvic floor, I feel like I've tried everything yet the same thing always happens - my libido drops off the face of the earth.

    What's worse is these days the periods between my libido coming somewhat back are getting longer for example right now I'm about a month in without it coming back and I'm just starting too really lose hope I've had blood work done and everything, testosterone is fine.

    Please - some long time rebooters can you reach out and comment because I'm honestly becoming hopeless and reading people celebrating 20 days on nofap and being cured is just getting me down at this point. I'm a fan of people like guts because his recovery seemed like mine where he would feel great and recovered then bam just back too square 1.

    I wouldn't feel so down if it was like I saw some sort of upward trend but it's just the same pattern for almost 2 years and this recent stint is actually the longest.
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  2. Your recovery is on the long side. How long have you been rewiring? How old are you, how many years were you PMOing and how much did use abuse it? Did you have prior sexual experience?

    It seems to me that cases like you seem to be benefited by long periods without orgasming. I mean 2-6 months. I was more or less like you, I was feeling horny and then after one or two orgasms my libido and my erections faded, and they needed a lot of days/weeks to come back. But after I abstained for months from orgasm, my libido and my erection became more stable.
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    Dude ... do you really want to hear the truth?
  4. firemage

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    I'm 26 this year been pmoing since about 11 y/o about once a day. Been rewiring for 1.5 years. As I said I have days of good libido where I can get straight up and am hard for the duration then fall back into "flatline" for awhile. For example right after a posted this thread - 2 days later I woke up with great libido, had great sex and finished then the next day was slightly less libido then the next was zero libido again. Really messes with your head waiting for it too return, going from great libido hard erection, finishing during sex easily too 70 percent erection dies without stimulation and not able too finish the very next day for like 1 week til it randomly comes back.
  5. firemage

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    Yeah go tell me
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    In my opinion, pied it is curable only in mild cases. You can put your head in the sand and believe in stories but you can hardly find cases of healing even after years of abstinence and apparent healing after a few orgasms after returning to sexual life pied return !!!.There are new posts of pied problems on this site almost every day, but I can barely find cases of healing, which most of the time are just improvements that lose their effect after a few orgasms.All this does not write that this is how I want it to be ... but I can't see otherwise. I can list dozens on this site since I've been following, not only ,those who have not been cured for years at least I not read any success stories from them, most of them delete the account.You can get improvements by abstaining for months or years and limiting the orgasm max 1-2 per month, maybe you manage to maintain this ,but the question is 1-2 orgasms per month means after you a normal sexual life?The question is do we want to hear the truth, or do we laugh like new becomers "" 3 months ha ha ha "" who after 2 years are still here with minimal improvements or give up and delete their account.
  7. firemage

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    Yeah I understand what you are saying. What makes it even weirder is I remember about 10 years ago when I first discovered nofap I had some slight ed and done an 8 day streak and was completely cured, then stupidly went back and now it's been years without being cured maybe you are right but I can't just give up I've got to believe it's possible too be cured. Although I do remember thinking in the past that going more than a few days without pmo would spike my libido through the roof - now even a week or 2 without orgasm and I don't even feel different I'm just rolling the dice hoping my libido comes back strong enough too have good sex again
  8. firemage

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    Can i ask, how severe is your pied and how long have you been without pmo?
  9. This is just not true. I had a severe case of PIED, when an orgasm would flatline me for months and managed to cure it some years ago. Then I relapsed and got severe PIED again. Now I am on the way to recovery again. If orgasms send you in flatline, ABSTAIN FROM THEM UNTIL THEY DON'T. that's what I've learned after these years.
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    It depends ... you can live in stories or myths or tell the truth ... you can claim that a wall is white ... but if it's black it's still black ... Sorry
  11. Deleted User

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    For me you are just another example that has not recovered and that's it .... at the moment you have pied ... I wholeheartedly want you to recover !!! but you are not yet !!!! Sorry
  12. Deleted User

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    I don't do everything I write here to give up !!! Unfortunately, you don't have another chance like me or the hundreds of guys just from this site. I also read some pretty credible healing stories .... but too few for how many of us are here ,and there were probably less severe cases I don't think anyone at 18-20 yo can even be a severe case like one who made pmo for 15 years. Improvement exists for sure by abstinence only it is very slow it barely feels a month .... most after the libido increases a little most of them relapses this is another reason why they can not actually be cured. As I read here for for me and for most it reaches 1-2 orgasms and all the improvement is gone.
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    I try to follow how many of us appear daily on these sites with pied problems, and how many success stories I find. If the pied is curable, they should be approximately equal ... unfortunately there is hardly fiind 1-2 pied success stories per month and in most cases they are 18-20 year old boys .... for example I did pmo about 15 years can not even approach this number I consider them much less severe cases but unfortunately even this category I see very few cases of healing, we can blame what we want annexed depression ... I think all this actually are the cause of the pied .
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  14. I am having sex every day with my girlfriend and I am improving at least. I don't flatline now despite orgasming once or twice daily.

    Hope the best for you as well, man.
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    I'm glad for you, but I think it's good to limit the number of orgasms so you don't get in flatline .
  16. themage

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    That's great! Did you go through periods of low libido and low interest in sex aswell then? What was it like for you and how long would it last?
  17. Deleted User

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    Listen friend, I want to give you some advice: don't make the same mistakes on this forum that you made on the NoFap forum. Actually some of your posts are quite nasty and have no purpose here. You just confuse people here with that kind of nonsense comments. Also, that this can be very counterproductive to those new to the forum.

    Who are you to say that a severe PIED has no cure? Who are you to be certain who heals fast and who does not heal fast? Each organism (Brain) is unique.

    I have been reading SUCCESS stories of SEVERE cases that healed and they are satisfied with the results. There are thousands of publication stories of severe cases that were healed or are healing. I am still reading these stories. These success stories are from men of all ages, from young men to men in their 40s in various forums and reboot communities.

    Just because you have not been able to heal in 6 years does not mean that others are not healing. As you can see here, people are healing and the vast majority of them have taken on their reboot with humility, and confidence and a lot of positive attitude.

    Without the intention of attacking you, but I want to ask you a question: Have you ever thought about whether these forums are really for you? Maybe you have a physical problem of Sexual Dysfunction that has nothing to do with your past life when you were doing PMO. Or maybe you have a Psychiatric problem that you need to resolve first. Your postings are well known and users of NoFap and other forums have perfectly discovered extreme anxiety and serious problems in the way you write. This way you will never get cured. On the No Fap forum you made the same mistake when you were a member of that forum.

    I had the honor of being one of the global moderators of that forum and I witnessed some complaints coming in from your posts inciting pessimism and discouraging people new to the forum by telling them that PIED has no cure in severe cases. This is completely false because there are thousands of evidences from publications confirming that PIED is curable even in severe cases. Whoever fails to cure the supposed Severe PIED after three years or more is because there is a 90% probability that he/she has another problem that is not Severe PIED. It is as simple as that.

    Alex: These reboot communities are designed for people to take their reboot with humor and positivity. I have been reviewing reboot communities for many years including forums in Germany, China and the Middle East. It has been almost 10 years of experience in reboot forums. Despite opening a new account on this forum, I have known this forum for many years and often review posts of success stories that make it to the NEWS section of the website that Gary Wilson founded where people cure PIED even in severe cases.

    Yesterday I was also reading on Reboot Nation two stories of recovery from severe PIED: The users are: Casanova and Redfire03 in case you are interested to read there success story. It took one of them almost 4 and a half years to cure Severe PIED.

    Here recently there was a brilliant success story: that of Guts. He was a case of Severe PIED and managed to cure. The guy who made this post is also getting better. As you can see, here PEOPLE DO GET HEALED SUCCESSFULLY. Please don't discourage them.

    Now: Over time, I have been able to discover also in many men is that the feeling of being "Cured" is very subjective. For example: I can have sex every two weeks. That to me is being cured. But for other men (possibly you) being cured is being able to have sex every day up to 4 times a day or something like that for example.

    A few days ago I was talking to the wife of someone I know who suffered from PIED and she was telling me that he is finally doing well in bed, that means he is healed. However, her husband has gotten it into his head that he is not yet fully cured of PIED because according to him he cannot have an erection for 20 minutes without stimulation. Something quite impossible for a man over 40 years old as is this case I bring as an example.

    Another question for you Alex: Haven't you wondered maybe if you are too advanced in age?

    As far as I am aware, you are already 43 years old. Maybe it is already your age that is not allowing you to have more than two orgasms per section of sex with your partner. You cannot pretend to have the same sexual energy you had 10 years ago or so. That's impossible for any human. Just my two cents on these final comments.
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  18. firemage

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    Too add an update too this thread, today I tried too have sex again despite still feeling like my libido is very low after the last time (which was about 11 days ago now where I last had sex and was able too achieve and keep an erection easily) well I got hard about 80 percent then went soft within about 10 seconds, my sensitivity was very low despite not even touching myself in 11 days could hardly feel anything. Why is this still happening almost 2 years later? What am I doing wrong - I thought by now the periods between having sex would be getting shorter but they seem too just be getting longer. Is this flatlines I'm experiencing after every successful sex session or something else? Really starting too worry.

    Like I said I've had blood tests done and there's nothing wrong with me, so why at this stage of recovery does it feel like my libido and pied is just getting worse should I not be getting slightly better with each passing month?
  19. firemage

    firemage New Member

    Would also like too add that at this point for a long long time I couldn't even care about porn anymore like the thought of it doesn't excite me and if I even accidently see something online I don't care, so I feel like I've gotten over the porn part of this addiction for a long time now. But why am I still in the trenches of low libido and pied? I just don't understand
  20. Anhedonic47

    Anhedonic47 New Member

    Firemage, your post has caught my attention and had to make an account, i am 27yo, we share the same symptoms, they started almost 2 years ago. I have been rebooting for 1 year now with over 6 months hard mode. Not much improvements really. But surprisingly i have these occasional 2 or 3 days every month or 2 months where suddenly i am hypersexual, and feeling 100% recovered, then like a switch, it's all gone.... I had an account here and a journal as well. I got frustrated and deleted it.

    I am interested if you have ever or still using Antidepressants/antipsychotics, finasteride for hairloss, accutane for cystic acne? Or any weird herbals/mushrooms! Nizoral shampoo with 2% ketoconazol?

    Apparently these could cause long term sexual dysfunction in rare cases. I used an ssri in the past, so i cannot know for sure whether i have severe pied or a brain damage from Antidepressants.

    Also, for some reason, my erectile dysfunction and loss of libido are more pronounced/severe late during the day and at night. Is it the same for you too?

    I am frustrated that after 1 year, i still cannot get hard when i touch my dick. Porn still has some strong mental effect where it could wake up my libido and could make me feel like i want to releaae, despite no erection... When i first started my reboot, this wasn't the case. So it's progress i guess?

    And finally, do you feel anhedonic, low energy, no motivation at all, no joy from hobbies, video games, music and movies are no longer that much fun and interesting, no longer joyful as they used to be?

    I remember i quit masturbation in an attempt to have more energy in the gym when all yhis started, i could have triggered an unintentional flatline, maybe something like this happened to you as well?

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