All of the reasons to not PMO other than PIED.

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by YellowMinion, Sep 2, 2016.

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    So there I was, doing great. Off the porn for months and having a pretty normal sex life with my wife that I was happy with. Then I relapsed and PMOd which started a downward spiral. And now I'm a mess. So I thought that while I'm in this situation I'm going to document exactly what's wrong with this. Maybe I'll come back and read this before I do it again and remember how bad it can get.

    Immediately after PMO I kind of feel great though drained. But shortly after I start to get depressed, irritable, and angry. Maybe some of it is the dopamine thing, some of it is fueled by or fuels insecurity. I start to become convinced that my wife isn't attracted to me and doesn't want to have sex with me. Some of it is her general lower libido these days so she doesn't come to me frequently which leaves a lot of time in between for me to go psycho. I may go to work, obsess about this all day in the absence of her presence, then go home and see her and be reminded that this is all in my head when I see how she is with me. Make no mistake, it's all in my head. There's nothing wrong with her. Even her lower libido isn't a problem because she's always responsive when I want sex with her. In 20 years together she's never said not to me.

    So let's document the list of problems that PMO causes me that aren't ED:
    1) Depression. Like real depression.
    2) Insecurity in my relationship which is ridiculous. I'm not insecure.
    3) Low self esteem (I feel ugly and unwanted.) I may be mediocre
    4) Loss of motivation. I just don't want to do anything productive. I just want to wait out the day which just makes it longer, procrastinates so things pile up, and just makes everything worse.
    5) Sexual cravings go crazy. I feel like I'm horny constantly and need sex (it's just the PMO thirst.)
    6) The only thing that makes me feel better is time (which is painful) or PMO, which makes it even worse.
    7) I'm angry and irritable at everyone. I was road raging at nearly everyone on the road today. Clearly the problem is ME and not them. Normally I'm pretty cool about other people in public.
    8.) A strange obsession with younger women not wanting me. I'm 45, why would I expect a 20 year old to look at me? I don't.
    9) Every female I look at looks like a sex object to me.
    10) Obsession with sex. My wife and I have sex one to thee times a week, but I become obsessed with when we'll do it again and have gotten in fights with her about sex frequency.
    11) Sexual health. I feel like I'm messing up my dick, future sexual performance, arousal triggers, and sexually exhausting myself so I'm not ready to go for the real thing. It takes me at least 3-4 days to recover before I can really have sex again. It takes at least 10 days for me to feel "sexually normal."

    What am I missing? All of this is not even including ED. All of the above is solved when I stop.
    I'm never depressed and I'm pretty solid and stable when it comes to moods and emotions. I'm totally secure in my great relationship. I don't have low self esteem (usually.) I'm motivated and get things done (though I still procrastinate.) Sexual craving (I get horny) only about once every 7-10 days which seems normal and compatible with my wife. I have no desire for porn and don't want to MO unless it has been about two weeks and I might just to get some relief and it's quick, no-frills, and without porn... just a release. I'm not angry or irritable. While young women are cute and sexy, I have no obsession with them sexually. I don't obsess about the next time we'll have sex.
    And my health is better. I feel more energetic, I feel healthier. I feel like PMO depletes my body of precious resources and I'm not as healthy. And my dick hangs better. When I get horny I feel like a stud with a powerful tool between my legs, not the way it feels on PMO.

    So today I reset the counter. I feel like crap today and I'm trying to not get pissed off at anyone including my wife. She started her period yesterday which will allow me to take a good minim week long break which should help.
    I'm not fretting. I've been here before and I'll get through this just fine. I just hate the way I feel today and now is the best time to write it down.
  2. Wabi-sabi

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    This. All of the above, of course, but No. 8 jumps out at me.

    I've not seen this written about here, but it's so completely true - I'm married and 46, but when I'm on a binge, I'm obsessed about chicks not running around after me. Funny how the fantasy turns to self-hatred in a heartbeat and traps you. Thing is, when you think about it, a 20-year-old getting the hots for me, 25 years her senior, would be the equivalent of me falling for a 70-year-old. . . yet it tears me up when it doesn't happen. Porn thinking kills you every time.

    I just can't afford to relapse again. Thank you for the reminder.
  3. mik

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    Not at all, there are a lot more 20 year old women who find 46 year olds attractive than your "equivalent".
    Most 46 year old men have accumulated resources, something that subconsciously gets many females wet between the legs ;)

    What in the world would a 70 year old woman have to offer a man? Sexuality/fertility is what subconsciously gets a man going, I don't know many non menopausal 46 year old women, let alone 70, ewww :p

    I do agree that I seem to be less attracted to far too young women/girls when off the porn though.
    Which is a good thing considering I'm only 23, too much younger and we get into dangerous territory.
  4. YellowMinion

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    Yeah but you're talking about them going for money or status. Unless you're presenting that in the way you dress or the car you drive, you're otherwise just an "old married dad." In my (our) case we should have absolutely no expectation that any young woman would give us a first look let a lone a second. I look a lot younger than 45 but not that young.

    It's OK, because under normal conditions my attraction to women generally follows my age. I'm attracted to late 30s - early 40s women. When I was 24 I remember the 32 year old woman I briefly dated seemed "old" to me (but man was she fun and sexy in the bedroom.) Normally, while I see young women as attractive, I see them as "kids" and don't have any sexual desire toward them. On porn that flips because 19 year olds act like they're into these old guys when in reality they're just acting because they're getting paid.

    I'm just a 45 year old dad to young women. Being obsessed with a young lady's lack of attention is neurotic. That's really the point. It only happens when I'm into porn so I know it's not right, I don't like it, and it can be avoided by staying off of porn.

    Mik, you're 23. When you hit 32 and realize 23 year old women see you as "old" then it kind of hits you. "WTF, I'm not old!" Yeah, well you are to them. It doesn't mean you can be a player and get them, but you have to choose to be that way.
  5. YellowMinion

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    Good to know. That resonates with me. Thanks for sharing. I wondered if I was the only one.
  6. mik

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    Good points, although even a moderately successful older man can appear "wealthy" to many young women swimming in university debt.

    Don't be silly with that last bit, I don't intend to age :)

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