All Men in 30 Age Group Are Welcome [GROUP] : 9 spots left

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by perasaafi, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. perasaafi

    perasaafi New Member

    This group is for men in 30-40 age group who are serious about rebooting.

    * No chasing women for sex and this includes prostitutes.
    * Strictly No PMO. And that means no P or M or O (Unless you are married, in that case you can have S and O)
    * This group is for people who are not only interested in beating their PMO addiction, but also in developing a healthy outlook towards women and life in general. They don't want to beat this addiction just to regain their lost sexual powers, but to eliminate a major hurdle in their way of becoming a better person. Not just treating women as sexual objects or considering sex as some big prize to be won or a necessity to be had. Sex is good but it is not everything.

    Members limit
    : 10

    Status: OPEN

    Members List:

    1 - neoman
    2 - optimisticoutlook
    3 - gt82
    4 - Down Not out
    5 - ...
  2. edded262

    edded262 New Member

    When you say no P - M or O do you mean no sex period? I am married and still want to maintain a sexual relationship with my wife, I just want to recover from P, M and PMO.
  3. perasaafi

    perasaafi New Member

    if you are married then it is OK to have sex and orgasm. But no masturbation or sex with prostitutes.
  4. I'm interested in joining this group, I'm not married but am in a relationship though but am sure this doesn't constitute 'chasing women'! What kind of things did you have in mind for the group?
  5. perasaafi

    perasaafi New Member

    hi optimistic
    I you are married or in a relationship then that's fine. From 'Chasing women' I meant those people who just like to hook up with girls for sex only...
  6. Roaring Tide

    Roaring Tide New Member

    Hey neoman,

    Just wondering what the format for the meetings will be, as in Skype or something else?

    All the best,

    P.S. How are you getting on with the suggestion I made last week?
  7. perasaafi

    perasaafi New Member

    Hi RT

    I personally don't use Skype but if any members choose to use it, it is up to them. Whatever helps us right?

    As for your suggestions last week, you can read my response here
  8. gt82

    gt82 New Member


    I would be very keen to join this group if it is ok. I am 31 and married, I have been PMO from about 16 and am very conceded it has killed my relationship.

    I was wondering if there are other guys out there who seem to see all women as sex objects except their significant other, it completely flies in the face of how I want to be. I wonder if it is PMO that has done this to me and if there is any way back ?
  9. perasaafi

    perasaafi New Member

    Hi gt82

    I will add you if you'd like. Welcome aboard. You have come to the right place. Remember, we are in this together.
  10. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I'd like to join this group. I have recently decided to completely cut out any random hook ups, or one night stands while continuing my quest of no PMO/MO. The next time I have sex I want it to be meaningful.
  11. perasaafi

    perasaafi New Member

    Hi downNotout

    I will add you.

    And good for you. Random hook ups are the worst thing in the world. So unsatisfying.

    You ain't seen nothin yet. The best moments I ever had were with my ex. Just thinking about them turns me on way more than any P scene can ever do. Perhaps these are the effects of my reboot cose I definitely didn't feel this way when we were together. And so naturally she left me because of my PMO addiction.

    But life is not about making mistakes, its about learning from them. And learned from them I have...
  12. Roaring Tide

    Roaring Tide New Member

    I'm just wondering how the group thing will work then. I thought the idea was for virtual meet ups, is that not the case?

    I'm thinking that if all we do is post in group forum, it's not really any different to what we're already doing anyway.

    Anyone have any thoughts?


    All the best, :)
  13. Ok I'd like to join so count me in, Just a suggestion though edit the first post in the thread because so far it just says there's one guy in the group yet several have requested to join & been accepted..

    If anyone wants to hang out on Google plus, I recommend starting an account there, because they have a hangout feature where several people can chat with cam's simultaneously & it's a free service unlike skype (which is good for one on one but nolonger holds group chats) ..
  14. I notice the member list has been updated, nice one, good to see Down Not Out here, sorry again I failed the jerk free June challenge which I know you were moderating..came in too over-confident on that one & judgmental to people who'd failed then failed myself & learnt an important lesson from it!

    I understand your quest for meaningful sex, I want the kind of sex I had with an ex of mine again where I'm telling her I love her and meaning it while we make love, nothing comes close to that level of intimacy..Seeing someone at the moment but it's early days yet!
  15. perasaafi

    perasaafi New Member


    I'm new to this group too. I guess most of us are. So once we get going I guess we'll figure out ways to make it more productive, interesting, entertaining, interactive whatever. You know what I mean? And as optimisticoutlook said, if you'd like to hang out google+ thats an option too. So we'll see
  16. Good stuff , not sure how to link my google contact details onto here though, doesn't seem to be a google plus profile URL you can link :-\
  17. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Anyone else day dream about fully rebooting, finding a loving wife, making sweet love to her, and having a family of your own? Seems like the impossible :(
  18. perasaafi

    perasaafi New Member

    Sorry I let you down guys.
    I relapsed as soon as I achieved my target of 7days. But the positive thing is that I didn't binge. I was able to pick myself up, realize my mistake and move on. Learned a few valuable lessons along the way.

    I'll write them down here for your opinion and for my own reference.

    1 - I had perfect 7 days where I was very disciplined with my thoughts/decisions/actions, but I was too weak when it really mattered. It was a bit like an ambush that got me by surprise. I have to be prepared for such times and not get complacent.
    2 - (Thanks to RoaringTide for this one) I have to have my reward for achieving my target pre-decided. As soon as I achieved my target I rewarded myself with only thing I knew and that was P. I didn't have my reward pre-deicided. So thats important.
    3 - After 7 days i was beginning to feel I was cured (mentally speaking as I found out during the relapse that I was nowhere near cured physically) I was over confident in myself. I don't know if it is a good thing to be overconfident.

    Any suggestions on these guys?
  19. perasaafi

    perasaafi New Member

    Down Not Out

    Feels like wishful thinking to me at the moment. But why not? We deserve this guys. On the plus side, I believe any woman who has the opportunity to be our wife will be lucky (provided that our tools are in working order ;)). You know why? Because she will be valued and respected as a woman should be. Because we will have learned our lessons.
  20. I found overconfidence to be detrimental because I came onto the forum very brash & entered the jerk free June challenge confident I'd succeed & down talking people who'd dropped out then I relapsed myself and felt like a dick for it! It was a lesson well learned to be more humble in my approach & seems to be working thus far. I think I will try that idea for sure of predetermining a reward, my reward tonight is to go to a concert with my friends. Yesterday it was to treat my girlfriend to a nice birthday & finally meet her family at a meal which went very well.

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