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Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Hz18z, May 1, 2018.

  1. Hz18z

    Hz18z New Member

    Monday 21st May

    Relapsed today, realised that as much as i cant expect too much of myself in such a stressful time, if i give in i end up feeling worse, working on finding the balance for the time being.
  2. Hz18z

    Hz18z New Member

    Tuesday 22nd May

    Tired today but getting on with revision which helps with urges.
  3. Hz18z

    Hz18z New Member

    Wednesday 23rd May

    Getting on well with revision but want to get back on track with nofap so i have more energy. Its more difficult to be as vigilant with the exam stress but i think ill be able to at least reduce frequency of using porn.
  4. Hz18z

    Hz18z New Member

    Thursday 24th May

    Feeling tired but also feel a drive to succeed. As my motivation is low due to low energy im doing my best to keep on working. Going to see whether going on another streak will give me energy going into exams.

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