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    Sup guys, i will never forget the day i viewed porn. I first saw it on my uncle's phone when i was like 13 and it was overwhelming seeing a fully nude woman for the first time, my eyes felt like when adam and eve ate from the forbidden tree.
    After the incident curiosity made me view more porn photos and videos. Eventually i began masturbating and orgasm(like 2 or 3 times daily). Porn made me do some nasty with my relatives which am not proud of.
    Fast forward to 2020, i am 17 and will turn 18 in November. My goal is to quit porn and masturbation because;
    * it has made me really shy with lots of low self esteem
    * i am less confident in myself and really introverted
    *my grades in school are not encouraging
    * i hate being around real girls( i am not gay but i can't look at a girl in the face etc.) I want to live a better,porn-free and successful life and this made me search for answers.

    I recently found this forum and after reading some success stories i realized i don't want to experience ED on my first sex or loose my future partner so i started to reboot today, i plan on going for 15 days without porn and exercise daily. I had an erection but i thought of something else and it gradually vanished. I will see how tomorrow and next goes.

    This is the first time i have opened up about my addiction and i would like to get help,advice and support from all of you. Bye for now and stay safe.
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    Goodluck bro, there are some rocks you may face, be safe from social media stuff as well as boredom.

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