Advice needed! 242 days of no PM(o) Havent cured yet please help.

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by Anewlife, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    Dear Reader.

    Ive started this yourney on the 5th of december last year. Since then i didnt look at any P. Not once. Also i didnt have any orgasms in this period of time.
    My morning wood started to come back and around day 80 i had an solid erection every morning. On day 101 i decided to visit a prostitute to test my erection strenght and see if i could perform. This wasnt the case. I got an semi hard erection and came whitin 3 minutes of penetration. I was so dissapointed that i decided to try again that same evening with another lady. With this lady i could archieve an hard erection but again i didnt last long. for about 4 minutes. Since then things went downhill. I didnt look at any porn but i feel like S%$#@. Also my morning wood dissapeared and when i have one it is much weaker then before. also i still cant archieve an erection to touch alone and have zero sex drive. :(

    What should i do? Am i doing this wrong? I have reagular thougts and fantasys about sex with real girls, not about any P. When a P clip pops up in my head i quickly think about something else. Also ive met this girl. She is really gorgeous and the most beautyfull woman i ever kissed for sure. But when i did kiss her i didnt feel any arousal at all. This was past the experience with the prostitutes. I really dont know what to do because i really like this girl
    but dont want to screw things up and i am afraid that i cant perform when im with her.

    Please help me with your input, it is much appreciated.

  2. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    I almost forgot. Some info about me. I am an 24 year old healty male. trying to reboot
    because i didnt enjoy sex at all. before the reboot i never experienced any ED issuses but
    everytime i had sex i came whitin the 4 minute mark. I hope this reboot eventually will
    cure this. If you have any questions i am more than happy to answer.
  3. MisterBrown

    MisterBrown New Member

    i didnt think a reboot was the answer for premature ejaculation. Also, 4 minutes is actually pretty standard for normal guys in the population. Porn convinces you that you should be able to go for days. But just think about all the sex they are having, of course they will be desensitised. Try kegels man.
  4. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    Thank you for the input MisterBrown.
    I did mean 4 minutes in total. I wont go in to the details but i think you know what i mean.
    When PIV the pleasure was over whitin 40 seconds.
  5. episodeIV

    episodeIV New Member

    This is hands down the toughest part of the whole fix, the rewire. You have successfully rebooted, but you have not rewired. Think about it like this, your brain is a computer. Call the PMO mind a mac OS and the normal mind a PC. The reboot, uninstalls the mac OS, but now you need to install the PC. Keep hooking up and eventually, after a year or so, you should be good. this shit takes a long, long time.
  6. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    Hey episodeIV thanks for the input.
    Is it normal that i have zero desire for sex? And that my erection strenght varies so much
    after visiting the prostitutes.
    I hope to hear from you.
  7. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    We started on the exact same day. I had severe ED were I could not get hard at all even with porn. I think too much abstinence is not very good. I think its the fantasy of even real girls that is holding me back the most. Do you thonk about sex a lot?
  8. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    Hey gameover. thank you for your input.
    You have given me advice earlyier on in my reboot and i want to thank you for that. I think about sex every day
    and i talk about it frequently with friends/collegues. I started this reboot to feel more during sex and to stop seeing
    woman as sex objects. But during the sex i had i didnt feel anything. mabye it was because i had it with a protitute.
    but when i kissed the girl from work i didnt feel anything also.
    I hope to hear from you
  9. geniussy

    geniussy Guest

    It's said that during the reboot, you have/it's better to avoid all sexual stimuli. So stop thinking about sex.
  10. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    so ill have to go another 90 days whitout any sexual fantasy? for me this
    is nearly impossible
  11. hogus

    hogus Active Member

    No-one said that.

    You need to rewire. Spend a lot of time with your girl, kiss, touch up etc and you will start getting erections. When you can reliably get erections in foreplay go for PIV.
  12. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    I think if you indulge in fantasy then you need to stop. You won't stop thonking of sex or girls.

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