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  1. I loved soccer in middle school. LOVED it. I played goalie and really enjoyed it. I also tried to play striker (main scorer) but was awful but loved it anyway.

    Porn came into my life and ruined my life. I quit soccer and all I wanted to do was get my hands on booze and porn. But I was always yearning to play. I always had dreams of both being a star goalie and also of being a star goal scorer.

    Cue to my 30th birthday. I hit the gym for a year straight, started joining and playing in pickup games. I SUCKED at first. But I practiced, I watched training videos and I started to score a few goals. I remember my first one, a nice chip I floated over the other teams goalie. It was so beautiful the other team actually complimented me on it. It felt great both to score and to be recognized.

    This led to me joining a bunch of teams, all that were pretty bad. But I played more and began to get better.

    Then this year it all came together. I was the leading goal scorer on our summer outdoor team, I scored twice in one game, I had a last minute game winner, I had a game tying goal, and I was called mini-Ronaldo! These are memories I will carry with me the rest of my life. I can smell the grass, feel the accomplishment and taste the victory still.

    Then, finally I had a chance to play in a championship. It was 5 v 5 indoor soccer. We played the #3 seed in game one and I dominated both in the first half playing Center back and then as the goalie afterwards and only allowed one goal.

    Which setup the championship game, against the #1 seed who were undefeated! I was to play goal the whole game....and I was ready.

    I started off incredible,nothing got by me and we went up 4-0. But then they figured out my weaknesses and started to exploit them and we tied. Then I adjusted and it was a BATTLE for goals. We ended up going up 7-6 with about 5 minutes left. I knew it was my time to shine. I buckled down, focused, was calm cool and collected and shut the door on the game. When the final whistle blew I Iet out a massive fist bump and yell that blew the roof off....I think people were actually scared at how loud I was. I think I was so loud because the little boy who always wanted to be a soccer champion was finally allowed out, he was finally allowed to breathe, to be himself and to savor victory.

    I am so proud, so joyous and so filled with a sense of accomplishment. If I was still a porn addict I would have never had the disipline, desire, drive, determination and focus to achieve this dream. It is a massive sense of relief to put this dream to bed and I look forward to more goals and accomplishments in the future.
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    Awesome man. Athletics are a beautiful proving ground, as are the great out doors. I hope to hike a long trail such as the AT when my boys are older.

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