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    We are pretty relaxed when it comes to the rules for how individual groups operate - we prefer to let the group members & creator decide on group dynamics.

    However, posts in the Groups section must abide by the rules of Your Brain Rebalanced as a whole.
    • Groups must have a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 15 members. This is increased from the previous minimum of 5 group members, since some people prefer 1:1 accountability relationships.
    • Groups above 15 members are not permitted to advertise here. This is supposed to be for cultivating tight-knit accountability groups, not giant groups or be a sneaky advertising vector for other brands/websites/coaches.
    • Groups must be non-commercial. No charging money for groups advertised here and no marketing to your group members. That means no operating a group if you also operate or are affiliated with a commercial operation in the field of sexual health. This is for peer-to-peer support. If you are a coach looking to find clients, you should reach out to our email address, not use this forum to advertise without our authorization.
    • After a group reaches 15 members, report the post and a moderator will lock it.
    1. Be careful about revealing personal information. We can't police other people not revealing information about you outside of Your Brain Rebalanced. Don't reveal your real name or personally-identifiable information that can link your online identity here to your offline identity, unless if you are comfortable doing so.
    2. We suggest choosing a group leader. This is typically who sets up the group to begin with.
    3. We suggest maintaining membership in one group, not many.
    4. We suggest meeting periodically. Consistency is important. It's better to meet 15 minutes per week than an hour the first time then never again.
    5. Set up groups around common interests, locations, etc. It is useful to have something in common to connect with. Eg "United Kingdom Rebooters"
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