Accidentally masturbated after 140 days of no fap..what to do now?

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by Darkshied, Jun 11, 2020.

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    Hey guys..
    I am 26 and i suffer from PIED..
    So today was my 140th day of NoFap..everything was going fine...
    i was massaging my penis with oil ...i had no intention of masturbating ..neither i was thinking about girls or any sexual stuff...i was just gently applying oil on my penis and rubbing it slowly..then suddenly it went out of hand and i orgasmed..i think today i rubbed it more than will it considerd a relapse...or it is normal ??Should i stop massaging my penis during NoFap??
  2. Darkshied

    Darkshied New Member

  3. axebattler

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    Do you have some medical or other reason to massage your penis?

    As an isolated incident it sounds pretty harmless. If you're doing it every day then it sounds like a bit like a form of edging or something.

    So you're not watching P or fantasising.. That's good, that's the main point of recovery.

    Some people try and reintroduce masturbating without porn or fantasy (especially porn fantasy) . You could try the Your Brain On Porn website for more information.

    I guess if you're trying to avoid both porn and masturbation, like many of us, then yeah I guess you should stop the penis massaging.
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  4. Darkshied

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    Thank you...i will quit massaging my penis now...
    Actually i have read somewhere that massaging penis with sesame or olive oil helps in increasing penile blood flow that's why i was massaging it...but now i will stop...

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