About my Total Testosterone level ?

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    Hello everybody .. Very delighted to write here..
    I am 25 yo ..
    I have underwent Micro surgical Varicocele repair 6 months ago for fertility issues .. and now everything is working well. I came back to the doctor who did the operation and he prescribed me multi-vitamins and Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) twice daily. The medication course is prescribed for 3 months only. Recently, I've got my total testosterone checked before starting the medication course in two reliable labs within a week interval and there are my results and lab reference range :

    Total Testosterone :

    1st Lab ....620 Lab reference (240-830)
    2nd Lab......600 Lab reference (130-770)

    Q1 - Do you see guys that this level is optimal for my age(25 yo) ? should I be concerned about it ?

    Q2- I have been taking the medication for 2 months and still a month remaining to finish the course.. I felt that I've experienced fluctuating libido while on Nolvadex?
    Can nolvadex be a contributing factor in disturbing Libido especially my morning erection is relatively weak ?

    I'm on Day-24 Hard Mode

    Your reply would be highly apperciated.. Thank you in advance!
  2. dacat1234

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    Not a doctor, but those T levels are healthy. I would be worried if they drop below 250 at any point in time.
  3. John Powell

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    Seems good to me considering your age.

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