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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by JohnDoe6, Sep 17, 2014.

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    Hey guys,
    I have been thinking recently about the future of porn addiction and how it will be dealt with. My personal opinion, is that this epidemic can be strongly linked with the tobacco industry. For example, doctors used to recommend cigarettes to clear up peoples breathing issues, comparatively, sexologists and therapists now recommend porn as a way for people to deal with boredom in the bedroom.
    The other comparison is that the tobacco industry has not been shut and can't be. After decades of research and proof that smoking is terrible for people, the industry is just too large and wealthy (although this is receding). Furthermore, there is also the aspect of free-will that people have the choice to watch porn just as they have the choice to smoke. The difference being that smokers know what they are doing is bad for them- porn viewers often have no idea of what they are getting into.

    The Idea

    By no means is this a cure but more a way of delaying more people suffering from a condition that so many of us already do. I genuinely fear for the next generation when they come into their late teens and early 20's as i'm sure the numbers will be staggering. My thoughts were that once porn addiction and all the related problems are accepted by the medical world then the porn industry will have similar sanctions placed upon it as the tobacco companies do now. Just like on cigarettes with the messages and pictures which are used to discourage smoking. I am curious as to whether tubes site will ever be legally required to have 20 second adverts or so before each clip, these ads would explain the potential effects that porn can have on people. I will just confirm that it is peoples own choice to watch porn and its up to them, however, it would be great if the general population was able to make an informed decision.

    There are two main reasons for this:

    1. Obviously if people know about the problems they may encounter from watching porn then they will be able to decide they if they don't want to watch it or if its worth the risk.

    2. This is more of a subtle effect which requires a bit of detail- by putting 20 second adverts into porn, the endless novelty of searching, clicking and watching would be broken up as viewers are forced to watch the advert. This could help slow the progression of people encountering porn induced problems as instead of having permanently raised dopamine levels- dopamine concentration would fall and rise- in my opinion this would lessen the effects of porn addiction.

    I know there is millions of obvious holes in this idea but I would like to know what people think,

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    In my opinion porn addiction in the next days will be so popular that someone will do something about it, restrictions will be placed and generally there will be some serious argument about it.

    I'm thinking of our generation as the first lung-cancer smokers around an hundred years ago, when people didn't know the consequences of heavy tobacco habit.

    Something will change, 'cause persons could live and accept the consequence of a lung disease over the years, but they almost certainly cannot accept the idea of having a disfunctional penis during their youth.
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    This would never happen. The porn sites would never let it happen due to it being incredibly counter-productive to their business model and the spread of consumption of their product.
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  5. Journey to Freedom

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    Do you honestly think that David Cameron is pushing for this measure out of the kindness of his heart and genuine care for people suffering the plight of pornography addiction? Do you think he's even heard of YourBrainOnPorn or YourBrainRebalanced?

    Or is it much more likely that he is using public concern over porn consumption in order to push for a measure that would give his government greater control over the internet and public discourse?

  6. JohnDoe6

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  7. This thread has so much potential. It deserves to be on the first page.
    Personally I'm of the opinion that tobacco should be banned because it has already been proven that the "revenue generated from tobacco companies" argument is bullshit and the money spent on health care for treating tobacco related cancers like of the lungs,throat and pancreas and even oral cancer is far more than the so called revenue, that only makes a certain few rich.
    Tobacco use is the number one preventable cause of cancer.

    As far as imposing similar restrictions on porn use goes, let's see what happens. But I'm all for supporting curbs on the adult industry, however the liberals won't let it happen. They love everything that aids in the destruction of society and social values.
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    It's honestly disgusting how far medical science is behind in terms of masturbation and pornography use. I have visited the doctors several times, and explained that whenever I PMO that I get mental symptoms. They simply shrug it off and say that its something wrong with my head. How can it be something wrong with my head when I experience such horrible symptoms??

    The future looks bleak for addressing pornography for until a long time yet. I just hope it improves and some research is provien.
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    I guess the porn industry will thrive, the government sure must make a lot of money on the taxes it generates. I have seen that shows like Dr. Oz have acknowledged that there is a problem with porn addiction. As has been mentioned many times before the Internet is to blame. Sure there were porn theaters years ago,but not many could spend hours daily M in the movie house. Then we had VCR and DVD's but you could only fast forward so much to get to a favorite scene. I would guess the on demand use of porn on cable has dropped since there is no reason to pay when you can get it free on the net.i think people hesitate to get behind the anti porn movement because doing so will lead others to believe if you are against it you had a problem with porn use. Just my two cents .
  10. ^This in bold. Its such a shame that how judgmental society can be and how people have to suffer because they fear being judged.

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