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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Gracie, Feb 8, 2020.

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    I was writing a post to someone on another site saying what helped me through my husband’s addiction. Eight years ago, I discovered his porn use. We had been married for 25 years. In my mind our marriage just melted away. It had no meaning. The vows he spoke were all lies. I was broken. So I turned to the internet looking for help. Most everything I found said all men do it, boys will be boys and the ever popular it has nothing to do with you. Haha that was not how it felt. I felt like the fattest, ugliest, most disgusting person in the world. Then there were the just be better in bed things out there. None of them fit.

    Then I found this site. There were no women here. But I had questions, I needed help. So I bravely signed up. I asked questions. I discussed what I was going through. I received questions I got understanding. I got helpful hints. There were discussions about was it cheating. (In my view yes because it removed intimacy from my marriage). How to help wives was discussed. Secret keeping was another. And then more women came in. And it was great!

    I want to thank the brave men that helped me through when I asked tough questions. Time and Soul Killer, lte, anonymouse are ones that pop up in my brain. I worry about the women that are no longer here and worry about their marriages. But thanks for being here. And if you have questions post them here.

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    I know that is available. 8 years ago it was not. I just wanted to thank the men that did not get wonky over a woman in their midst trying to figure it all out and keep her marriage. Had it not been for them I believe my husband and I would have not made it through.
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