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    This may seem a slightly random question, but has anyone else noticed or experienced more growth of facial hair since rebooting?

    I have a beard but shave the bit under my chin and neck otherwise I have a chewbacca neck. I would usually shave about twice a week but could get away with once, but now I'm going at least 3 to 4 times a week, and have to trim my beard at least once a week or I get chewbacca face. I have never had much of a "Soul patch" (i.e the bit under your lip), but over the last 7 months it has tripled in size. I have also noticed getting more chest hair as well.

    A possible link to no-fap and not wasting my man strength and testosterone on PMO?
  2. Yes I have seen a difference in both quality and amount of facial hair
  3. How old are you? Maybe it is a normal thing for your beard.
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    I'm 31, so my facial hair for the most part should be fully developed, bar the impending growth of nose and ear hair which no doubt will hit me at some point as I get older. Definitely got more in the last 8 months or so.
  5. That's a motivation for me not to lose semen... I'm 27 and have not developed a full beard. Moustaches, chin and sideburns only I have. But seriously speaking, I noticed a small amount of hairs appeared on my cheeks.

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